Friday, September 10, 2010

wedding giveaway winner

After a random selection on I have 2 winners:





You lucky gnomes you!!

Will email for your mailing add. As for the rest, no worries honeybunches... I'm lovin' this giveaway business there will definitely be more to come so look out for it yea!

Have a lovely day all of you!


Fatham. Use your imagination said...

SO EXCITED i am going to wait in anticipation until the package arrives!! Thanks so much Shelby!! Stay gorgeous always :D

shelbybaby said...

fatham: hey.. don't thank me, you're the lucky one. you stay sexayy too cupcake :)

Fatham. Use your imagination said...

IT ARRIVED!!! Thanks Shelby :D So happy to receive it :D I thanked you on my blog :)


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