Monday, September 06, 2010

random & archie grand..

Miss ChongChong said she was gonna come over for Saturday dinner one night 'cos she was having a bad day so I thought I'd be her grandmother for the day and whip up some comfort food to make the medicine go down.

Check out my new table cloth! Kawaii-ne :)

Nigella is such a cuisine guru. Seriously. I grilled some chicken thighs, made mash with some lemon-cheese cream and a herby greek yoghurt to accompany it all. Don't you just ludacris love my plates??

This is my favourite rose meringue from A Slice of Heaven @ O Gourmet, BSC.

This is my first attempt at Shelby's Shelbulous Rose Meringue. It was so so bad. The whole thing went into the trash.

I've got delivery! Oooh... j'adore brown paper packages tied up with string.

Archie Grand notebooks!! Weee!!

I've known of Archie Grand for a long while now since September of last year but it was such a hassle to purchase it online (ayia problem with shipping to Malaysia and all that bullsh*t-lor) so I gave the whole fantasy of owning such novelty a rest. That was until I discovered ilovesnackfood. They're cuh-razy cute with all the kitsch and oughta-haves money can buy :) Go holler their way and tell 'em I say hello k!

Yea I bought it. White in their largest. I barely made it. Heh.

Man this bloke's addicted to fishfoliation. It's the only reason why he agreed to tag me around Pavilion. Still win-win situation: ding ding ding!

Ayo even fish spa also got level. This is beginner's.

And this, holy smokes, is expert!


I Love Snackfood said...

Hi Shelby! Thanks for the heads up for Snackfood. I thought the books were sent way earlier than Sept. (*scratch mind???) Anyway, also thanks for the lead on the marriage registra! xoxo

shelbybaby said...

ilovesnackfood: hey there babydoll.. yea this post is pretty much overdued :D no problem with the heads up. always glad to help!

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