Friday, September 03, 2010


I decided to break from my routine and do something crazy! Ahaha alrightey then, not crazy-lah but against my norm of Ikano-Curve / 1Utama / KLCC / Pavillion. I ventured to Empire Gallery to satisfy my curiosity as I've drove past the place many a time but never bothered to pay it a visit. I was just recovering from my terrible URTI but couldn't stand to 'rest' at home any longer. I told Guy apart from meds and rest, I knew of another form of remedy: shopping! Haven't we all had those days when we woke up feeling crappy like a 3-legged flea-infested starving stray only to revive in a *snap* when we laid eyes on that crazy cute Forever21 dress that's an absolute steal or a Marc Jacobs Stam goin' for 70% off in the exact shade you craved?? Well I thought a trip to the mall was exactly the prescription I needed. But it wasn't. So we went home 15 mins into the time when we arrived :D

Just as we headed towards the parking area, a quaint lil' shop sign immediately perked my make-believe bunny ears and I was like, "Whisk?" Oooh how delightful! And you know, once I think "Oooh how delightful", my Hello-Kitty-x-Crocs clad feet would go on auto-pilot and pitter-patter towards the what seems like a very cute bake shop.

And it most certainly was a very cute bake shop / espresso bar..!

Look at that freestyle-drawn cake stand sign! Ahahaha it really makes me giggle inside... that and the doily signs. Brilliant absolutely brilliant :)

You know I'm a huge sucker for old-school treat shops with the glass cake stands and candy jars. Oooh... their home-baked red velvet and carrot cake calls out to me but I had to say no-no 'cos of my killer sorethroat.

This, though, I could not resist! Am I reading this right?? Macarons Bar?? Get them nets out 'cos I'm falling.... into a puddle of ecstasy :)

See my happy friends in the circle of glee?? The macarons are a little too bite-sized (which means less to enjoy) but the texture is just as how I remembered good macarons to be. I like their rose and raspberry macarons... the lemon's pretty yummy too.

Whisk Espresso Bar & Bake Shop
LG03A, Empire Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS16/1
Subang Jaya
47500 Petaling Jaya

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