Thursday, September 30, 2010


Check out the Chloe scallop shorts on Sienna..! I wanna dress like her all day :)

Look at that gorgeous thang! Nope not Mirinda... nope not even Orlando but that Vuitton Mahina in grey. Ahhh I can feel it caress its supple calfskin leather on my cheek.

Ruffled lounge pants makes yoga just the chirpiest form of exercise, non? I actually searched the entire world wide web for those pants but to no avail. Anyone got a clue?? Holla back!!

P.S, disclaimer: images courtesy of handbag,

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

shelbybaby.. at your cervix

Today I'll start with hello.

We all know I was (and probably still am) a C-list blogger trying to claw her way up the blogging ladder. I'm not ashamed about that. It's been a long journey since the very start of this blog from 'I'm a FAT girl' to 'My McGeek vs McShelbulous Life' to '*bisou* Shelbybaby *bisou*' and now a fuss-free 'Shelbybaby'. There has been alot of changes (and later / lesser posts.. eek!) but it's not something I don't welcome. It's part of evolution. I mean the fish didn't look back in embarassment at the amoeba (or was it paramecium?)... instead it turned around and went "Whoah when did I get fins??"

I know my silent steadfast readers are out there. I love you :)

So hello my babydolls. This post is dedicated to you.

I was invited to attend a special blogger event: Fight Cervical Cancer in Style Best Friends Forever (BFF) Bloggers Get-together launched by Power Over Cervical Cancer initiated by National Cancer Society Malaysia and supported by GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical. It promised to be a fun night out with my BFF along with fellow bloggers to create awareness of our Power Over Cervical Cancer. I jumped over the moon. Me? Invited to an event? Weee!!

I invited a good friend to tag along. There were quite a number of notable bloggers there but none of which I was acquainted with.. perhaps TI has kept me out of the loop for abit. The get-together was held in Ecoba, Damansara Perdana. Upon arriving, I could see pastel pink and blue balloons highlighting a corner and it doesn't take a scientist to figure out where I should head to. Even though we weren't received at the door, part of the organizational team did spot us and immediately referred us to the girl-in-charge which happened to be my inviter. She lead us to the reception and we got our goodie-bags: glee!!

We were then directed to make a pledge to fight against Cervical Cancer online at the official site. Basically since I didn't bring a soft copy of my own picture, I had to take an impromptu picture.

Well let's say it wasn't my finest moment :P We had to create a message too. I was totally lost for words. I said something along the lines of "Keep cervical cancer at bay! Don't be ignorant." What I had really meant to say was "Don't be a fool. Protect your tool."

Joyce of KinkyBlueFairy was the event emcee. She's a POCC ambasaddor. She's much prettier and demure in person.

This is Rina giving her 2-cents on the subject. She's also a POCC ambassador. 

Dr Saun of NCSM gave a powerpoint presentation on the technical bit of cervical cancer: medical and statistics. I crazy love her Zara top. I was searching for it 2 months ago in every Zara outlet I knew but was unsuccessful.

It's true, it wasn't the most interactive event 'cos most of the bloggers were kinda jaim (jaga imej) since we weren't formerly introduced to each other. I think the organizer could perhaps improve in that aspect of the event. I tried to be friendly to the girls on my table but most of them were quite reserved. There was a nice girl there though. Her name is Sara and she owns an online jewellery store Zikkos

Anyhooters, although the event did bore my plus-one, the message did come through crystal clear in the end. She whispered to me just before we headed home that she ought to get a pap smear and that really made me smile. I created my first awareness and it felt awesome.

Basically what POCC wants to do is to highlight the subject of cervical cancer and inform people of ways to prevent it. You can take a jab of HPV vaccine or/and most importantly get a pap smear examination. Seriously my corny words seem so intelligent now: don't be ignorant. If it's time to get a pap, go get it. It's not a taboo anymore. Not since The Pill was invented. With liberation comes consequences and if you're having sex, you bloody should take care of your cervix and get it checked. You service your car, don't you?? You get a blood test ever once in awhile right?? So why don't you examine your precious little cervix? You're gonna need it 'till the end of time... and it's not like some f*cked-up carburator that you can just pluck out and replace!

I'm quite the dork when it comes to sex. I've only ever had sex with one person and I took the vaccine waaay before I met him. Oh and I married that one person (g*ddd can I get anymore geekier??). Can't help it, I was crazy paranoid when it came to HIV, STDs and having a child out of wedlock. My parents were defo not hippies. But I'm the exception to the statistics. Most of you aren't. And it's fine. There's nothing to be embarassed about unless you're reckless with safe sex and do baby dumping.. then shame on you! What I'm trying to say is that if we're having sex, we have to accept that we're having sex, I mean skip the denial and go for a pap smear exam. If you're a dork like me... go get vaccinated. You'll actually relish in the fact you bloomed later than the rest in the fornicating circle 'cos you really got your money's worth with the vaccine.

I've had my fair share of views down under so trust me when I say cervical cancer is truly awful. The smell is almost signature and reminds you of the aftermath of an SS2 morning market. Everyone always asks me if a pap smear is painful. I don't know. I've not had a papsmear done before because it hasn't been 3 years since I first 'got involved'. But I do know that when I perform it on a lady, the worst case scenario is that she winces a wee bit and breathes out loud. Other than that they only conclude the experience as weird and uncomfortable. It doesn't sound too bad now does it?

Let me guide you on what happens during a pap smear.

1. You're guided to a special chair where the footrests rest at / above your head level and you're required to remove your underwear upon settling in. Yes I've had patients who go straight in with their jeans on. What.. you want me to take a specimen from your KYY zipper?

2. This is your cervix aka pangkal rahim. Note the position.

3. Next we insert a vaginal speculum to pry and open up the road for us to see clearer. This is the uncomfortable part I suppose.

4. This is how it looks like from our bird's eye view.

This is how a normal, healthy cervix should look like.

This is how an abnormal cervix should look like.

5. We then stick a brush-like instrument into the cervical hole and do a twist before removing it to examine this matter in the lab.

After that it's all ready and done!

Well my precious babydolls I hope you find this post of amusement and also that you will find the time to make a pledge to fight cancer here as well as schedule your next pap if necessary.

Don't hesitate to leave questions in my comments area. I'll try my best to reply them asap. In the meantime help spread the word...

P.S. images courtesy of xyza, biomedcentral, found health, ginecomarin, specialty hospital, babymed, rho, pass the doucheys

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

walau hanya sederhana tetapi tak mengapa

His voice is so coy hor? I can totally imagine all the beehivin'+matador glasses wearin'+kebaya+sarung-clad ladies smiling tersipu-sipu malu as he shoots them his Johnny Bravo smoldering wink :D Such glee in the 60s non?

Monday, September 20, 2010

the climb

It's been a long time (time)
We shouldn'a left you (left you)
Without a dope beat to step to (step to)
Baby girl

... Try Again, (Timbaland) Aaliyah ...

As I sat in my Phillipe Starck Ghost acrylic chair and stared into my wardrobe in exasperation, I saw a vision of the old me trace her French-manicured fingers across the wooden IKEA hangers and started pulling 5, 6, 12 dresses out to her full-length mirror, holding and switching them like paper doll outfits. I sighed. I had an event (Power Over Cervical Cancer) to attend the next week and I literally had nothing to wear. Nothing I own could fit me. Nothing could make it pass the shoulders, nothing could go beyond the hips, nothing could zip or button and the most depressing of it all the ones that could (comprising of a pair of shorts and a black t-shirt I wear for my evening walks) were in the wash. I was 17kg overweight which makes me grotesquely obese in terms of BMI. I was the heaviest I’ve ever been. How did I let myself get this far? I cannot believe I’ve turned into those typical Chinese aunties who wear overturned shirts over their arms while they drive their children to work, cook luncheon meat and preserved mustard roots and practically live in a uniform of baggy destination T-shirts and Bermuda shorts. Remember the moment when XiaXue solemly vow-ed to not only love Mike eternally but also to never let go. I secretly told myself the same. Unfortunately telling is not the same as swearing.

It all started with us getting together. The pa-thor-ing part is always the stepping stone to gluttony. You’re both happy and spending every waking minute together. Meal times are emphasized as mini-dates and nothing sets the mood better than sharing a McDonald’s ice-cream cone on the way to IKEA (and on the way back... everyday... *sigh*). I was always juggling between 60-62kg. It has always been a lifetime struggle to cut that elusive 55kg. Then we started to have bah-kut-teh and hokkien mee weekends and lots of other lard-ridden meals in between. I was in TI where fashion lives in the form of Giordano casuals with a man who loves me just the way I am. I indulged in the laze.. savouring its fuss-free, uncomplex vibe. Whenever I bit into a juicy KFC spicy chicken breast I did not stop to wonder if I had blot the excess oil out before or whether I should skip the skin or how fatty factory-farmed hens were, all that grazed my neurons were the interpretation of umami and how good it made me feel. Slowly the denial added up and next thing I knew I was 68kg near the wedding. I did put down a couple of pounds just before the big day but not enough to christen myself a stick insect or anything near that. Now post honeymoon and the tenderfoot months of the marriage I finally came to a shocking insight that I AM an auntie waaay before my time. I have lost that sparkle (Guy claims otherwise but I know what I know). Before, despite the lady lumps, I always felt I was cute anyways. I peered into that jar of self-confidence and was horrified that alot has dried out. F*ck. When did that happen??

“If at first you don’t succeed
Dust yourself off and try again...
You can dust it off and try again.. try again.. again again..”

I have now peeled my face off the ground, shakily supported myself into an upright standing position and am ready to take on the world (again)! Yet another attempt at Project-Stick-Insect ;D

Miss PengPeng have suggested I do The (TTDI) Hill ‘cos her friend did it and went from an approximate size 14 to a size 8. Now don’t we all love a good old-fashion success story? Zero to hero... or in this case a US size 8-O to zero :) Remember the episode on (It’s a fabulous.. fabulous) Life in the Fab lane when Kimora’s forced by Chris to go climb Los Angeles version of The Hill? I was Kimora at attempt uno. I literally huffed and puffed my way up the hill. It’s getting better with time and now Guy and I can go an additional round on the extended trail before returning to the car. Not too bad now huh? Although I don’t see the kilograms dropping but I literally feel better! I have to admit the endorphins are highly addictive. Hopefully in time we can see a fitter-new-me :)

It is pathetic that we value ourselves through the sizes of our dresses. But until someone brings back Marilyn Monroe and her size 14 ass, we will continue to be govern by the likeness of waif and skeletorian. It's not something we can help being in narrow-minded KL. Heck clothes stop at UK size 14. What.. so size 16 girls and above don't need fancy-schmancy clothes?? Just 'cos we have a junk in our trunk so we're only worthy for trashy T-shirts?? Yea yea there's Dot Perkins. ONLY Dorothy Perkins. Aaaah f*ck.

I don’t need to be a stick insect. I just wanna wear my cute old clothes again. That’s all.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

i wish i was a flight attendant

Looking at fungus-ridden genitals and pus-filled eardrums now just seems so uncool. Not even Lady Gaga can help it.

Friday, September 10, 2010

wedding giveaway winner

After a random selection on I have 2 winners:





You lucky gnomes you!!

Will email for your mailing add. As for the rest, no worries honeybunches... I'm lovin' this giveaway business there will definitely be more to come so look out for it yea!

Have a lovely day all of you!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

h&m fallin' in *love*

Get it get it?? Fall-in in love.. fall line.. fallin'..?? Bah..

I want my entire fall wardrobe be made entirely of these! I'd wear 'em everyday :*

*love love love*

Disclaimer: images courtesy of H&M

Monday, September 06, 2010

random & archie grand..

Miss ChongChong said she was gonna come over for Saturday dinner one night 'cos she was having a bad day so I thought I'd be her grandmother for the day and whip up some comfort food to make the medicine go down.

Check out my new table cloth! Kawaii-ne :)

Nigella is such a cuisine guru. Seriously. I grilled some chicken thighs, made mash with some lemon-cheese cream and a herby greek yoghurt to accompany it all. Don't you just ludacris love my plates??

This is my favourite rose meringue from A Slice of Heaven @ O Gourmet, BSC.

This is my first attempt at Shelby's Shelbulous Rose Meringue. It was so so bad. The whole thing went into the trash.

I've got delivery! Oooh... j'adore brown paper packages tied up with string.

Archie Grand notebooks!! Weee!!

I've known of Archie Grand for a long while now since September of last year but it was such a hassle to purchase it online (ayia problem with shipping to Malaysia and all that bullsh*t-lor) so I gave the whole fantasy of owning such novelty a rest. That was until I discovered ilovesnackfood. They're cuh-razy cute with all the kitsch and oughta-haves money can buy :) Go holler their way and tell 'em I say hello k!

Yea I bought it. White in their largest. I barely made it. Heh.

Man this bloke's addicted to fishfoliation. It's the only reason why he agreed to tag me around Pavilion. Still win-win situation: ding ding ding!

Ayo even fish spa also got level. This is beginner's.

And this, holy smokes, is expert!

Friday, September 03, 2010


I decided to break from my routine and do something crazy! Ahaha alrightey then, not crazy-lah but against my norm of Ikano-Curve / 1Utama / KLCC / Pavillion. I ventured to Empire Gallery to satisfy my curiosity as I've drove past the place many a time but never bothered to pay it a visit. I was just recovering from my terrible URTI but couldn't stand to 'rest' at home any longer. I told Guy apart from meds and rest, I knew of another form of remedy: shopping! Haven't we all had those days when we woke up feeling crappy like a 3-legged flea-infested starving stray only to revive in a *snap* when we laid eyes on that crazy cute Forever21 dress that's an absolute steal or a Marc Jacobs Stam goin' for 70% off in the exact shade you craved?? Well I thought a trip to the mall was exactly the prescription I needed. But it wasn't. So we went home 15 mins into the time when we arrived :D

Just as we headed towards the parking area, a quaint lil' shop sign immediately perked my make-believe bunny ears and I was like, "Whisk?" Oooh how delightful! And you know, once I think "Oooh how delightful", my Hello-Kitty-x-Crocs clad feet would go on auto-pilot and pitter-patter towards the what seems like a very cute bake shop.

And it most certainly was a very cute bake shop / espresso bar..!

Look at that freestyle-drawn cake stand sign! Ahahaha it really makes me giggle inside... that and the doily signs. Brilliant absolutely brilliant :)

You know I'm a huge sucker for old-school treat shops with the glass cake stands and candy jars. Oooh... their home-baked red velvet and carrot cake calls out to me but I had to say no-no 'cos of my killer sorethroat.

This, though, I could not resist! Am I reading this right?? Macarons Bar?? Get them nets out 'cos I'm falling.... into a puddle of ecstasy :)

See my happy friends in the circle of glee?? The macarons are a little too bite-sized (which means less to enjoy) but the texture is just as how I remembered good macarons to be. I like their rose and raspberry macarons... the lemon's pretty yummy too.

Whisk Espresso Bar & Bake Shop
LG03A, Empire Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS16/1
Subang Jaya
47500 Petaling Jaya

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

mulberry alexa

"And I'm afraid I wont get out alive
No I won't sleep tonight..."

Goodness I'm hatin' my brows. I've allowed them to forrest into a lush unibrow 'cos I can't seem to get hold of my waxing therapist (there's this one girl I go to and I go to her only). Still there's something quite abit off with my face... unsure if it's just the brow mishap or issit the lacklustre skin or the bloated cheeks or even the dishevelled hair. Guess I don't need effort to channel the 'morning after' look after all. I am the 'morning after' spokesmodel. Problem is I don't look Kate Moss-ish or even Zooey Deschanel-like :( Something is seriously wrong... just need to find out what.

That aside, in love with the Alexa. Gonna trot all over London and Paris City of Lights with this and drive all the waiting-list rich b*itches nuts!

"Oh, oh
What are you waitin' for?
Take a bite of my heart tonight..."

... Neon Trees, Animal ...

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