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phuket mini-moon 03: 7-11, cc bloom's

It was our last few moments in Phuket so we decided to chill and take it easy.

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That and we couldn't leave the island without Guy going for YET ANOTHER trip to the fish spa. The dude's hooked!

We've always wondered how come there's a 7-11 every 500 m (on the road). It's, like, do they really even need that many 7-11s?? 'Cos there's only handsful of 7-11s back home and I hardly even visit any. You will be surprised, though, even the tiny outskirt outlets have their fair share of visitors. It's doing crazy well in Phuket. The people come here for everything: snacks, ciggies, tissues, drinks and even their work lunches. I would never have placed 7-11 in my list of food stops but apparently it's high on the working-class list for a quick filling meal.

Check out the array of instant hunger-fillers!

There's even a ton of toasted sandwiches and hot dogs to choose from.

Or if you don't like 'em toasted, there's always somewhat fresh sandwiches in a gazillion flavour combination that can pop your eyeballs in indecisive surprise.

Pizza Bologna sandwich?? Seriously??

In the end we opted for some instant wantan mee and spicy chicken rice that the lovely 7-11 girls helped heat up / add hot water to. It's so delightful and crazy cheap. Darn why didn't I think eating here before rather than succumb to terrible tourist prices in overpopulated burger joints?? Aargh...!

We also bid goodbye to CC Bloom's our honeymoon stay. Despite the treacherous hill and slightly inconvenient location, we had a pleasant stay there. The general manager of CC Bloom's, Mr Kenneth Miller is a nice chap that was very helpful and warm. If there's a good reason to stay in CC Bloom's it's him and their very flexible attitude. Perhaps it was the fact it was off-peak but they weren't uppity about check-in / out timing and accomodated us as much as they could. The other guests are also lovely... I forgot how friendly the Americans and English can be. The bed and toilet is decent and we had a real good bargain on the price (Air Asia deal) so for RM 986 (flight + accomodation for 2 pax), I consider it quite a bargain. You can't expect the Hilton on such a budget. We were happy have relatively clean sheets and air-condition :)

The ocean view from our bedroom.

The view from the bar. It's nice to have your breakfast cereal on the bar stool looking out into the blue sea.

It's also nice to have some cheap white Thai wine in the evenings and watch the sun go down.

We usually spend half an hour at sunset reading a book and just taking nature in here.


Pool... that noone uses. Why..?

CC Bloom's Hotel
84/21 Patak Soi 10
Karon, Kata
83100 Phuket

N.B. The original CC Bloom's link is no longer available. I've substituted it with the Agoda link.

Got some spare 5 million Baht lying about and don't know what to do?? You could always buy a resort! Imagine having your own hotel in Phuket... I'd call it Hotel Sawadhi-kha Shelby :)

Apparently you're prohibited from doing a whole loada stuff in the taxi cab. No doggy-style?? Damn... I guess it's an only missionary-friendly public transport.

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