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phuket mini-moon 02: patong, jung ceylon, carrefour, karon

Isn’t this postcard picture perfect??

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phuket mini-moon haul

This is my favourite photograph of the lot.

It is actually a picture of Karon beach which is my favourite beach of Phuket not taking into account the islands (‘cos I didn’t go to any... hey no time-lah). Alot of people, especially the locals, claim that Kata has the best beaches but I much prefer Karon... also it’s a little more subdued as how a beach is supposed to be.

We zipped pass Karon to get to Patong. Patong’s the wild child of Phuket... The Captain Jack Sparrow ... The Serena van der Woodsen (pre-Dan Humphrey)... The Ayia Napa... garish, bustling, amicable but with a wee touch of sleaze *wink*

All the fun cool stuff lies in Phuket though you have to be highly aware of merchandise prices as the locals are wayyy too used to dealing with farangs (ang moh) and tend to treat every tourist the same currency manner. OMG you cannot imagine how many times I’ve had to explain to them that I don’t earn EUROS!!

Forget Angelina Jolie, Hello Kitty should be the next UN ambassador! You can find her from the most metropolitan city to the most underdeveloped rural kampong. I’ve seen her in KL, Paris, Jatinangor and now even in Phuket!! I ludacris love this Hello Kitty store and was absolutely tempted to get myself a luggage but I wouldn’t have enough baht to last me the trip and it’s only Day 2. See I’m not longer a me but a we mah, and we.. need to eat.

I wish we were plants so we wouldn’t need money for food but put our chlorophylls to good use and PHOTOSYNTHESIZE!

As we explored Patong on 2 wheels, I couldn’t help but notice (that’s a real understatement because it was more of a shove up the face) the fact that the bar girls are out strutting by noon! Even Guy passed a comment on that fact. I sat by a cafe at Bangla Rd and watched them as they swung around indoor poles and flounced towards every senior bald overweight Caucasian dude aggressively coaxing them in for a drink. I wondered to myself... are these the fate of most Phuket girls when they’re born considering that a large fraction of them are underprivileged?

a) To sell souvenirs / work in production line (factory) / be a fisherman / be a shopgirl
b) To be a bar girl / massage girl / prostitute
c) To work in the bank or a company (least in numbers I presume)
d) Have a professional occupation (can count with fingers probably)

Can girls obtain the opportunity to pursue their ambitions or climb out of their social inferiority independently? Would they have the chance to even imagine of saying, ‘I want to be a best-selling novelist’ or ‘I want to make a successful invention that can recycle rubber’.

OK straying.

Wait just a wee bit more. Read this article. Interesting but disheartening.

I didn’t buy much souvenirs ‘cos I’m on a mission to declutter my home and unless it’s something that’s awfully cool or awfully outta-this-world, I turn my nose at it. Also I DESPISE bargaining. I’m just real sh*t at it.

But I tell you them Thais are just geniuses at crafts. They can make something outta nothing! Like intricate flowers carved from your regular bar of soap or these lovely lovely regal puppets (as pictured above).

Guy bought the hugging salt / pepper shakers for his family. He thought they were the fun-nest little things.

Again being the mallrat that I am, I urged Guy to go find me Jung Ceylon: The largest shopping centre in . It’s not too difficult to find and there’s a myriad of activities you can do there if you’re short of time or just plain lazy.

Goodness knows what with guys and guns but there he go skipping towards the shooting range.

The patrons were mainly Middle Easterns as you can see from the wall-of-fame.

I’m not one for cemented flooring but if it’s paved with bullet shells then it’s really quite awesome!

The assistant’s a wee bit persistent for a tip which irked us so we didn’t give him any.

This is Guy’s first try at the fish spa.

This is him stifling his giggles and also stealing all the fish away from me!! They just wouldn’t come to my side of the pond damnit!

This is a classic Phuket souvenir: flower clips for the ladies.

How about funky shades for the gentlemen?

Zen oh zen.. come to me..!!

We ended the afternoon with a lovely lovely corner massage. I call it a corner massage ‘cos basically there are chairs lining up a corner in Jung Ceylon offering head, neck and feet massage for Baht.

I R+R-ed totally ignoring Guy’s VERY LOUD GIGGLES AND SQUIRMS beside me (he’s a ticklish fella-lah... he cannot tahan the soles, calves, toes, ayia... basically almost everything-lah). The funniest thing was the harder Guy squealed the harder she kneaded. It came to such an embarrassing point when suddenly there was a standstill and everyone just stood and stare at him on nitrous oxide overload :D

We dropped by Carrefour before heading home and that place seriously ROCKS!!

Me likes Carrefour Phuket’s rooster divider. Me also likes Kleenex x Hello Kitty tissue and Kitchen Maid x Hello Kitty sandwich bag. Aaargh!! Everyone stared at my haul. I gave them a my-Hello-Kitty-sandwich-bag-tops-your-Thai-mangoes-anytime stare back :)

Dinner was at the seafood mini-restaurants that lined Karon beach. We decided to give ourselves abit of a pamper and ordered lobster! Woohoo!!

These are the best mussels on earth: garlic and chilli

Sweet and sour lobster... goodness gracious there goes my uric acid level :P


Anonymous said...

Hi Pretty, may i know where is the location for hello kitty shop? I'm so crazy for it.. haha. Thx for reply =)

shelbybaby said...

anon: hey there!! i don't have the exact address but if you walk along the shops directly in front of patong beach you will definitely be able to locate it in between all the restaurants. if the beach is on your left and the shops are lining on your right, walk ahead... it's further up. hope this is helpful for you and i'm so sorry i can't describe further. have a good goliday babydoll!!

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