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phuket mini-moon 03: kata, karon & elephant trekking

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This is our trusty bike. We call it 'Crazy Moon' :D It gave us freedom... the awesomeness of being at one with Phuket and having the liberty to travel at our whims and fancy. Most importantly it has brought us up and down THE treacherous hill. We likey alot this bike. Rentable at the hotel.

This is Guy and his new T-shirt (bought at Central Festival). He's hilariously corny, non??

This is THE treacherous hill. It reminds me of the Enid Blyton story of the round boy that tripped and kept rolling down the hill. Sends chills down my bones every time I think of it *shudder* (... 'cos of me being round and all).

I think the fella who lives here is Belgian. Sophiekins was telling us magnificent stories of her trip to Brussels and how the Belgians just love their Manneken Pis! That's a Manneken Pis so the fella must be Belgian! I'm a dork I'm sorry :(

Here's the post office just at the foot of THE treacherous hill. Such a cool colour right!

It cannot get anymore literal than this.. and I don't think they mean Pussycat Dolls XP

Guy wanted to have something local and you'd be surprised to know that local fare are pretty scarce in Phuket.. either that or we just really didn't know where to look. After buzzing around for 45 mins(!!) we finally found a stall..!

I went with chicken. Didn't think of trying their house special: Pock and D?? Man... those could be iguanas for all I know LOL!

Look at their spice tray! So brilliantly complete like an English breakfast :)

This is my ultimate holiday glow. Coupled with a frangipani in my hair and ruffled sleeves. Everyone gave me funny looks for not adhering to true holiday couture. F*ck 'em. I'm gonna do high-fashion anywhere I want!!

This is the most random crap on earth! I know everyone's killed for time but did they HAVE to dry their meat in their scooter basket while popping to shop for a choccie??

My mission that day, should I choose to accept it, was to go elephant trekking! I saw a bunch of elephant being loaded by tourists as we were zipping by and shouted for Guy to turn around 'cos I wanna ride an elephant!
Big animal. Big crap.

As we motioned towards the gentle creature, I couldn't help but whisper, "Be still my heart."

I lost my slipper on the first few steps. It was just such a surreal feeling riding on one of the most ancient mode of transportation. No wonder it takes people days to get from point a to point B. Getting from Kota Damansara to Mutiara Damansara is probably a half-day affair!

King: Pairs of male elephants to be released into the forests of America. There it is hoped that they will grow in number and the people can tame them and use them as beasts of burden.
Anna: But your majesty, I don't think you mean pairs of MALE elephants

... The King And I ...

The supposed high points of the trek was the jungle bit (not really much of a jungle) and the view of Le Meridien (now when I think of it, why did they think it's cool to catch a view of a hotel?).

Guy was invited to ride on the elephant's head. He later told me it was pretty freaky especially when its ears flapped on his calves. Geli oh! :D

Once in awhile the elephant would blow its snout at us giving us abit of a fright and leaving us a wee bit wet covered in elephant snot. The guide would say,"Elephant hot. Elephant hot." Turns out, elephants can't tolerate heat well and use their snout to spray retained water on themselves to keep cool.

Our elephant was 40 years old. Sophiekins said that an elephant's maturity is marked by the hypopigmentation and the older the elephant, the more extensive the markings. She learnt that on Animal Planet.

Back in the parking station. Thank you elephants. I felt like the Queen of Siam.

N.B. 16/07/12 I have recently learnt of the gruesome 'training' a baby or wild elephant undergoes in order for it to be safe for riding or other form of tourist activities. I am unable to obtain the original clip but here's an alternative video with the same message. I will not ride elephants anymore unless I am thoroughly sure that they were trained in a conducive manner. I did read somewhere that those are old cruel manners that are not in practice anymore but we cannot be too sure. be vigilant and do not condone such evil practice on such gentle creatures.

Making our mark on Kata Beach.

Checking out the sands at Karon Beach.

Shopping!! Anyways be careful with this place babydolls. They're real cut-throat.. I was conned!

Last but not least we settled for oven-baked pizza for dinner and had the most restful sleep that night.

Patak Road 25
Kata Beach 83100
Tel: +66 076 286 140

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