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phuket mini-moon 02: fantasea

The head pharmacist of my clinic has been to Phuket and spoke highly of Phuket FantaSea. I was wondering if I should pay that premium price to see a Thai theatrical show. I love theatre but we were on a budget and I wasn't sure if the budget should include theatre since Guy wasn't much of a Broadway person. But the moment I Yahoo!-ed it up and totally fell in love at first peak :)

I want to see elephants berbaris lengan panjang. Yeayyy!!!

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Most hotels / motels in Phuket have a direct liaison with Phuket FantaSea or if not you can always log onto its website to locate the nearest official agent. Reason so is because Phuket FantaSea wants to ensure ticket pricing is the same island-wide and to stab unscrupulous 'agents' from making a quick buck of tourists. Do NOT get conned OK my pretty little friends. Our hotel helped us make arrangements for pick-up. We decided to forego the buffet dinner and opt for just the show instead without the gold-seat upgrade. I personally enjoyed being seated where I was because it was pretty close to the side stage where the elephants enter which prove to be super exciting!

The ticket sales counter itself makes you feel like you're entering the Pearly Gates of Thai Heaven!

Being surrounded by goddesses and neon lights definitely reminds me I'm in a foreign land.

Check out the carps in the lake by the entrance. Such a lovely way to be greeted, non?

When I was young, I loved reading myths and legends of the carp that was really a princess goddess (is there even such a thing? Princess goddess?). This is exactly how I imagined it to be.
Isn't this place just SO moi??? Seriously! I love sh*t like this!!

Killer wall colour!

I told Guy that if this existed back home I would've generated some serious part-time revenue! I'd make a kick-ass glow-in-the-dark jelly-fish!! Bluub bluub!!

Ludacris lovin' the neon underwater paradise! Check out the blowfish... so cute!

Buy 1 get 1 free?? How to not buy??

Oooh Eiffel Tower twins!

I was really amazed with the way they personalized every single piece of architecture there and really made you feel like you were walking through the Palace of Elephants. So so cool.

Another attraction feature is their pair of Siberian white tigers that you can take a picture with up close...

... without the fear of getting gnawed on the skull!

Best time to approach the place is half hour to the show because alot of people would have wandered off by then and you can take all the time in the world to capture that perfect moment where both you and the majestic feline share a frame.

I know this sounds ridiculous but my favourite bit about this place is the loo! LOVES the tiger stripes on the pink wall..!!

It's lame but I felt like royalty washing my hands out of a tiger-head faucet. Hehe.

No camera from that point onwards but the show was BRILLIANT. Seriously worth every baht. It's just... I dunno... so outta-this-world watching the animals perform with such grace and spectacular timing. Heck g*d knows how but they even managed to train their chickens!! Chickens actually run through a regulated path... now I dunno how much experience you guys have with chicken but I've mended chicken before and they're a real disobedient bunch. Image courtesy of Phuket Fantasea.

Phuket FantaSea
99 Moo 3 Kamala Kathu
83150 Phuket 
Tel: +66 76 385 000

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