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phuket mini-moon 01: tesco lotus, rawai, phromthep cape, two chefs

On the way over from the airport I spotted a Tesco but this Tesco is DIFFERENT... it's green and it's not JUST Tesco, it's Tesco Lotus! I started getting all riled up about it to the point of obsessing! I really really really wanted to go have a look. Why is it green and not blue like how it usually is in the UK or even Malaysia?? There must be something about that place and I took it on as my mission to find out why :)

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phuket mini-moon haul

We got really really lost. Terribly lost. We stopped and asked for directions and miraculously, through the language barrier, everyone seemed to understand the word Tesco and dutifully pointed to what they thought was the right direction. Many a time we got contradicting directions that made us go around in circles. When I think of it now, it was pretty hilarious and we did stumble upon many tourist spots that wasn't in the agenda like the Sea-Gypsies village or the mangrove, home to the monkeys near Koh Sireh. But after awhile it did get quite tiresome not knowing where the heck we were and how to get on the right track.

We even had to stop for abit to fill up the tank and well that did cost us quite abit since fuel is not subsidized in Thailand.

I think it's a school 'cos there were loud sounds of children playing.

After what seems like forever (3 hours to be exact) we finally did hit the jackpot!!

Turns out Tesco Lotus was pretty much like Tesco in Malaysia. So that was almost disappointing...

... until we found this local food stall that sold LOADSA Thai local delicacies and goodies!!
The lovely young lady was very helpful.

These are Thai shellfishes with a special green chilli sauce (that is nothing like I've ever had in Malaysia or even in Bangkok or Golok!! It's ABSOLUTELY YUM!!)

Fried tofu with Thai basil. Again it's nothing like I've ever had in Malaysia, Bangkok or Golok.

I love rice paper rolls but the Thai "mei" was a little too overpowering for me. I think it's the Thai basil thing.. they sure use alot of it.

They don't have Schwarzkopf Fresh Light back home. Check out the Blythe dolls on the cover. Lovely!

I love this shade: Champagne Pink! I absolutely regret now not getting a box :P

Goodness gracious their cultured milk comes in big bottles!! Guy would surely have a hell of a time in the loo if ever he drank those what with the miniscule bottle already giving him the runs as it is :D

What I do recommend is coming to Tesco Lotus to buy their local desserts. They're packed in ready-to-eat wraps, cheap and are absolutely delish :) They've got a massive range of varieties and I trust them all to be E.Coli-free.

Tesco Lotus
104 Moo 5 Chalermprakiet Ror 9 Rd.
T. Rasada, A. Muang
Phuket 83000 Thailand
Tel: +66 07 62 54888

We gathered our snack haul and headed off towards Phromthep Cape 'cos we wanted to catch the supposedly 'best sunset on the island'. We arrived at a picnic-y place that we THOUGHT to be the cape but turned out to be Rawai beach at low tide. I had a cheap glass of wine (RM9) that turned out to be local Thai wine (Thailand has their own winery??). It was really nice eating and drinking overlooking the beach in the late evening.

Look at this lovely shot I took for Guy.

We decided to go ahead and look for Phromthep Cape anyways. Basically you just keep following the road signs 'till you arrive to a spot where all the tourist buses and motorcycles are parked.

And look at the 'best' shot he took for me. Aaargh why is it that I am the only one in my family that knows how to take good pictures?!!

It is a beautiful view but I wouldn't exactly call it the BEST sunset on the island. That's what I feel anyway.

We returned to Rawai Beach to tah-pau some seafood home. The seafood there is simple and superb and less pricey than the more popular beaches.

You know you're in Phuket if sights that pass you by as you bumble on your bike are those of sleazy Thai bars and elephants!! OMG I had to make Guy stop for abit to watch the latter munch on leaves. It just felt so surreal... like I was in some kinda safari. I have a newfound love and respect for those tender leathery creatures. They take your breath away!

Our yummifying dinner!

It was quite abit early post dinner so Guy suggested we go have dessert in Kata.

I initially thought of having a round of miniature golf at the Dino Mini Golf Park but Guy wasn't in the mood so we didn't. This place is set in the Stone Ages and I couldn't help myself but yell "YABADABADOO!!" every 5 minutes :D It's really hilarious that place and the Dino burgers are scrumptious I heard.

We did, though, get to pet a baby elephant. The fur feels like plastic-coated electric wires and it's just terribly playful. It appears almost every night with the guide around 2000-2100 daily.

Dino Park
47 Karon Road
Kata Beach
Phuket 83100
Tel: +66 76 33 0625

We heard alot about Two Chefs and heeding the subliminal messages sent out by multitude advertisements and complimentary island map guides, we seated ourselves on their terrace tables.

It was interesting to watch Phuket life pass by below us as we sipped on cocktails.

Chocolate mousse with hazelnut ice cream and raspberries. YUM!

Two Chefs
229 Koktanod
Kata Beach
Phuket 83100
Tel: +66 076 28 4155


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