Tuesday, August 03, 2010

phuket mini-moon 01: ta's cafe bar, central festival

I booked us the trip 6 months prior. It was only on the eve of our mini-moon that I realized I had gotten us tickets at blimin' 0730 in the morning!! Goodness gracious it was a feat having to drag ourselves through the LCCT chaos at such wee hours of the morning.

FYI AirAsia GO! does not reserve you luggage weights and seatings so just make sure you get that done if those stuff matter to you. Well I didn't know this and was abit peeved when Guy and I couldn't get our seats together as a cause of this mini-blunder.

We touched down and was slightly confused when it came to exiting the airport. There were touts everywhere and travel agents posing as taxi counters almost fooled me one over. It was only when I realized we were trying to sell me a tour that I was like, "Uh... OK... I don't think taxi stations sell James Bond Island tours. No thank you." Immediately the girl at the counter clammed up and turned cold. The taxi stand, I believe, is the one OUTSIDE the terminal with a bunch of red taxis in tow. We took that to our motel. Turns out Kata's pretty far off from the airport: 45 minutes journey sans traffic-jam.

We unloaded our luggage and immediately rented a bike. I had wanted their Honda Scoopy scooter 'cos it really looked like the most darling thing ever but the front-desk officer warned us that the 'pulling' power is quite minimal especially if it rides 2. I'm not smart when it comes to motorbikes so I just let Guy handle that. There's many ways to commute around the island. You can WALK like all the farangs (mat-sallehs) do or take the bike like we did (and the rest of the islanders) or use the tuk-tuks (especially handy for parties of 3 and above).

There's a real charm to bike around the island... a real sense of the place. Feeling the wind caressing your skin and hearing unmuffled local sounds really allow you to soak Phuket in like a sponge. We were starving by the time we settled accomodation and transport and headed off to find some food.

It's a little bizarre to find for grub in an unknown land so we basically motored about and stopped at a place that looked a little busier than the rest.

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Check out their cocktail price: 140 THB = approx RM15. LIKE WH??

I immediately called for a Mojito!

I had forgotten to take pictures of our food but their Thai fried noodles were heavenly. This is a pretty nice place to have some familiar food. Me loves the wooden chairs and old school bamboo bar stools.

KA's Cafe Bar
Lam Sai Rd (Blue Sh*t Rd? G*dd, Guy and I had a major laugh over this)
Phuket 83100

It was still quite abit early so I thought it would be kinda cool to go to the mall. Fine call me lame but I'm a freakin' mallrat OKAYYY..! In my defence, it was already starting to drizzle :P We went to look for Central Festival that Guy saw on the way over.

There are alot of these steel menaces sprawling around town. You can get a bespoked order from the artist. The workshop is in Patong. Guy loved this and begged to take one home. He promised his souvenir shopping would cease henceforth.

I told him the overweight charges to bring Darth Vader home would cost us a living room sofa so the answer is no. How sensibly wifely hor?

Check out Batman's biceps! The intricacy just blows the mind. Guy says they're all made of motorcycle parts. How do people make things like this? Amazing, non?

There is a local Thai bric-a-brac boutique that sells the kitschiest sh*t ever! Me LOVES :) Just like this furry angel mirror. Since I didn't allow Guy to bring Predator home I wasn't allowed to buy Fuzzy too.

Aww.. the francophile in me's acalling!

They're really umbrellas tucked inside the bunny bag! I bought one.. weee!

How is it that Phuket has Fashion TV merchandise but we don't in KL? I'm a little past my FTV phase but would have loved it 3 years ago...

Little souvenir stalls selling the most delightful wood crafts ever. Occasionally there are items in malls that cannot be found in the tourist spots so keep an eye out for good finds.

There's Boots in Phuket!! OMG OMG OMG and check out the new collaboration: Hello Kitty x Maybelline Volum'Express!! I don't use mascara (ever!) but this has real lengthening effects! Will put up a review soon :)

Have tanned nipples?? Boy have I got a solution for you!!
Finale Pink Nipple Cream can help 'make your nipples colour soft'!! Ahahaha... I didn't know soft is a colour. I must have missed that lesson when they taught shades in kindergarten ;D

Central Festival Phuket
74-75 Moo 5 Vichitsongkram Rd.
Amphur Muang
Phuket 83000
Tel: 076 291 111
Hours: 1100 - 2130 Mon-Thu, 1100 - 2200 Fri-Sun


Cindy Khor said...

omg.. boots in phuket... that's revolutionary. have to check it out once i'm back.

shelbybaby said...

cindykhor: i know!! it's probably the only s.e.asian country that houses boots... so cool. i wish boots would come to m'sia...

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