Sunday, August 22, 2010

phuket mini-moon haul

YEA shopping YEA!! Well this is my loot after some considerable amout of self-control. Trying to adhere to this year's resolution...

Clockwise from top left:

1. Phuket elephant motif beach sarungs: 150THB each
2. Bunny umbrella: 750THB
3. Hugging salt-pepper shaker: 80THB4. Hello Kitty tissue: 5THB each
5. Hello Kitty sandwich bag: 150THB each
6. Muay Thai shorts: 450THB (yeah.. we got conned on that one, do NOT shop in Patong)7. Fortune sticks: 200THB
8. Freeze-dried durian: 75THB9. Frangipani clips: 50THB
10. Cotton floral dress: 500THB each (yeah, conned too... oh and be careful at Karon Plaza)

Buy whatever souvenirs they have in Carrefour if you despise bargaining like me (aaargh bargaining to me is like conversing with Mumm-Ra!).

I ludacris LOVE duty-free shopping. I've always wondered if people actually do buy Cointreau but turns out, you can use orange liquer for oh-so-many things!! I found out about that on Nigella :) Flambe-ole! Oh and umm I haven't the guts to try the green fairy. Anyone's got any experience with Absinthe? Pray tell...

Bath and Bloom handwash... yea that's not too good. Prefer my Aesop. Have always wondered what's the big deal about Guerlain's Meteorites. Split it with Mmmy and Sophie. It's magic dust... me likes!! Oh and Lola MJ?? An absolute spring of dreamy love :)


jiunmei said...

nice dress... me like! ;D

shelbybaby said...

jiunmei: totally... love all their cotton dresses. they make it so simple and lovely!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelby,

At what store in Phuket did you get the Guerlain Meteorites?know its been a while but what did you pay in 2010 in Baht?

shelbybaby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shelbybaby said...

anon: i bought the guerlain meteorites miniatures from phuket airport's duty free shop. unfortunately i cannot for the life of me remember the price. so sorry i am unable to help you there :(

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