Monday, August 02, 2010

my obsession du jour

I know I'm a season too late but I'm seriously crazy about Miu Miu's swallow print platforms!

They're sold out worldwide and there's nothing else to say but, "Damn I wish I was Bee Shaffer!!" (Anna Wintour's daughter) 'cos just a syllable from the lady's mama and 10 pairs of them in my size would be knocking on my door the next hour! I mean you've gotta give them pleasers an hour... it's not a David Blaine show so you cannot say minutes! ;D

The Cherry Blossom Girl captures the chaussures oh-so-well!


Realized that I wasn't the only lunatic luster in the world. Look at the lengths chicas would go just to have a pair. Lions, Tigers and Fashion Oh My! even went through lengths of making her very own!! Duplicate your very own Miu Miu swallow platforms using her guide here!!

Miu Miu you really kill us, y'know...

Images courtesy of The Cherry Blossom Girl, Lions, Tigers and Fashion Oh My!, eBay

P.S: Something f*cked up with the this post and all the images were wiped out and I had to repost it hence wiping out all my comments. Too bad 'bout that :(

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