Sunday, August 15, 2010

hello kitty galore

Used the weekend to curl up on my (yucky) sofa, drink roasted rice green tea and read up on Hello Kitty happenings.

Bet you didn't know Lady Gaga *kowtow kowtow* posed for Markus Klinko and Indriani (celebrated photographers) in the spirit of Hello Kitty's 35th birthday for a monumental shoot?? Anyhooters, the images will be attached to the inlays of her special edition Fame CD (thank god I haven't bought the CD yet... I just knew that this was gonna happen!! Don't you hate it when CDs you buy get a revamped special edition with additional tracks and f*cking bonus DVD??). Goodness gracious they're FANTASTIC!! Seriously... oh and if you look closely, you'll see that her eyes are actually closed and they've drawn those Jap manga-like eyes on her lids. How absof*ckinglutely GENIUS?? GENIUS I TELL YOU BLOODY GENIUS!!

YEA, she's totally rocking the HK plush dress!! I gathered my HK soft toys but couldn't make it enough even for a skirt. Bikini though... well that's a thought ;)

And then I found out from a friend's iPhone Facebook upload that Baby Milo x Sanrio pop store has reached Singapore shores. I knew about the collaboration line but I thought it was just gonna be a Japan exclusive. Now I'm boiling with jealousy... man why can't we be as cool as Singapore and have a BAPE pop-up store too??

Though the price weren't too exciting. I had planned on getting the All Safari jumper but after a brief internet currency conversion it's really RM1097!! WTF?? I guess all I can do is settle for a eco-friendly canvas bag (that is if I'm even in time for it) for RM148.

Not only that, the Dr Martens x Sanrio line is now available online at Sanrio!! Waaah I'm really fancying the 1460 8-eye all print :) I didn't manage to catch the Dr Martens wave 20 years back so now's the time for me to relive my teenage fantasy...

P.S. images courtesy of Daily Mail, Bape, hypebeast


ken said...

lady gaga is always daring to try something weird =P

shelbybaby said...

ken: ahhhh yes(!!) and don't we love her for it :)

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