Sunday, August 01, 2010

are we human, or are we dancer?

I love dance.

I've loved dance from the start. And I thank my mother for this. She always saved money aside so I could have my ballet lessons. I have to say I was not appreciative of the arts of pas-de-chats and arabesques before but I understand the emotions of it all now (... though a little too late... awww *shrug*). Even more when I watch 'So You Think You Can Dance'! Every week they just blow me away with the flips and turns and somersaults and twirls... amazing stuff!!

Monday has officially turned into SYTYCD Day and once this competition is over I will lose the ability to pry my eyes open to face the start of the week. SYTYCD gives me the waking spirit and the drive to go and finish work in the clinic because of the smashing pirouettes that awaits me on my 40-inch LCD at home!

We have our favourites of course. Mine is...

Jeanine!! OMG I love her body and her face and style and her grace and her ability to adapt to various genres and the tear she brings to my eyes when I watch her move.

Guy says Kayla is his fave (cheh guys always go for the blondie!). Saja-je wanna compete against me.. bleh!!

I was trying to explain Guy (a sometimes frog-under-coconut-shell) regarding Evan's genre of Old Hollywood, i.e. Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and the lot but Guy insists that it's a gay way of dancing. And I'm like "HE'S NOT!! AND HE'S ADORABLE!!"

Guy: What?? That short puny fella also you can call adorable-kah?? He's bizarre! I can't believe he lasted this long..
moi: He's NOT bizarre!! You're bizarre!! He's talented!! He can click his heels!! Of course he lasted this long.. he's special!!
[whoah exclamation marks overload]
Guy: I still think he's funny.
moi: You're funny! Oh and guess what else is funny: no sex tonight!! Now isn't that funny?!!

Oh and I heart you Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Adam Shankman :)

sophiekins: WTF
sophiekins: wah this dancey shiz very emotional right?

moi: i'm sorry i'm emotionally moved too
sophiekins: why is it emotional?
moi: there are moments (not this cancer one tho) that can drive me into a frenzy of feelings
sophiekins: oh
moi: the way they move
moi: maybe cos i studied dance to a point where i can understand the difficulty of how to make ur body move like that
moi: and when they do move it that way... its incredible
sophiekins: yup
moi: and it just brings you to a place where you feel like
moi: "whoah fuck!"
sophiekins: yah yah cut it out
sophiekins: I like dance too
sophiekins: was just wondering why everyone was crying

moi: maybe it's like if someone read good ass poetry
sophiekins: oh ok fine
sophiekins: no need to go all simpering

moi: poetry dont do this to me tho
moi: i'd just go öh
moi: but probably you might tear

This one killed me. Pun intended.

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