Thursday, July 22, 2010

yes it's ladies night

Dddy invited us girls and my guy *wink* to his Lodge's Ladies Night. Fun!

The theme was 'Hollywood Bollywood' which got us real excited!

I wore my hat and Sophiekins wore her new floral headband! We're Hollywood!

This is Uncle Su and his wife. Uncle Su and I are in a 2-man Francophile club. We'd sit together during occasional meetings and chat about how much J'ADORE PARIS :) We've just recruited Sophiekins! Any other takers?

Hat: Debut @ Debenhams
Floral headband: Diva
Dresses: Warehouse

Madam is Parisien... ooh la la! What's up with my eyes?

It's super fun to be eating outta Lodge's cutlery that dates back to the colonial times... oooh.

Look at us girls all matchy-matchy!! Corny but highly hilarious :)

Dddy and his ladies!

Anaphylactic much?

Clutch: Lulu Guinness

Oooh what rouge snakeskin lips you have!

Us having a ball!

Harrods bread sponsored by Uncle Su. We like the Bretzen.

It's all about toasting...

... posing...

... and bonding.

Dddy's presenting the haggis at a ritual.

There swordsbearers aflaming.

I'm liking how they hold the whisky! Johny Walker, I hold thee close to my soul... protect me from mental insanity and stressful occupational hazards. Aye!

I found a blingy sticker on the table and stuck it on Sophiekins'cheek and christened her Lady Gugu!

I then stuck a star on Guy's forehead and christened him Sir Gigi :D

After that it was dancing...

... chatting...

... and more dancing!

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