Sunday, July 04, 2010

my wedding montages

Pardon pardon babydolls!! Wedding preps drove me into a frenzy and with the wedding planner being of miniscule help I really had to dive in and take matters into my own hands. I guess, even in matters of your own wedding, if you want things to be done good.. you've just gotta do it yourself!

Will give a breakdown on the wedding once I receive the pictures from my photographers. I have a couple off relatives and friends but the angle is quite unflattering so I think I'll just wait 'till the REAL pictures arrive. Why the hell should I upload pictures I look rubbish in??

Anyhooos... since I've put them up on Facebook, I thought I'd share my wedding montages with yáll. I did them all by myself 'cos nobody I know is handy with Windows Movie Maker. Apart from my procrastination (damn you bad habit!!), there were so many technical difficulties in between that I literally completed them just the night before the wedding!! OMG I KNOW!! Hence you can see abit of boo-boo happening in Wedding Montage 02 where the images overrun the song but I was just waaay too tired and fed-up to make alterations. 3 days before the wedding I only slept an accumulation of 4 hours!! Can you imagine that?? Thank the make-up gods for concealer!!

I've jazzed them up in comparison to the norm by adding captions to the images. It gives every picture a little more personality and let the viewers comprehend what it really represents. Alot of guests have informed me that I've revolutionized montage presentations!! Glee! I do hope you enjoy them. On Facebook, the crowd seems to favour Wedding Montage 01 the most.

Wedding Montage 01: My Superhuman Daddy

A planned surprise montage to honour my father..!

Wedding montage 02: When She Haven't Met Him Yet

Shelby pre-Chew ;)

Never Knew She Needed

Shelby & Chew pre-wedding

Which is your favourite?? Leave your vote in comments :)


kenwooi said...

nice montages.. different from the typical ones we see all the time =)

Anonymous said...

hello shelby i cant watch ur wedding montage 01, when click it, it shows this video contain sony music entertainment, who has blocked it i our country on copyright ground

shelbybaby said...

kenwooi: thanks babydoll!!

anonymous: hey there.. i've just checked the montages from the site and it appears to load fine on my side. i'm not really sure about the technical problem though... how bout looking it up on youtube under 'shelbybisouworthy'?

dory said...

i cant watch the 1st video too.. but for the 2nd and 3rd i would choose the 3rd one. very sweet!

Anonymous said...

hello i can watch the montage 01 ready, ur dad sure felt very surprised n touched:) enjoy ur honeymoon n wish u hv a blissful marriage wit ur love one:)

shelbybaby said...

dory: thx babydoll!!

anonymous: super news to know you're able to load it now :) thx for such heartfelt warm wishes..

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