Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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I love getting gifts! Sophiekins brought back gifts from my very good friend Miss WongWong in London. The Cath Kidston drawer liners are for my very belated graduation and a diffuser gift set from The White Company for the wedding. My living room now smells of cassis, classic blackberry and cedar... nice!

Sophiekins also brought home Lola's cupcakes which are divine! They look smushed up 'cos she fell down during her flight transit *giggle* and the cupcakes toppled over. My favourite is the Red Velvet. It was crazy yum despite being 3-days old :)

Before leaving for Phuket for our mini-moon, we gathered plastic bottles (from wedding-eve makan-makan) and cartons (from wedding gifts) for recycling.

The entire car filled with rubbish only came to RM1.70! WTF... well I guess I should just be contented that we're helping the environment *shrugs*

Do your it for the environment by recycling at IKANO Recycling Centre

Items that can be recycled:
- Newspapers (dry newspapers & neatly tied)- Books & Magazines (dry magazines & neatly tied)- Cardboards (dry cardboards, opened or folded)
- Tins/Metal Cans (dry tins/metal cans, washed and crushed)- Aluminium Cans (dry cans, washed and crushed)
- Plastic Bottles (dried bottles and washed)

Operating Hours: 10am - 6pm daily
Location: Loading Bay (behind IKANO Power Centre)

Does anybody know where to recycle glass in PJ?? Holler out at the comments yáll! Mama has a bucketful of wine glasses waiting to be reused..!

Spotted a rainbow and an Alexander's Band (secondary bow) 2 days before the wedding when we got stuck in jam post-shower after picking up the wedding dress from the atelier. This must be a good omen (I hope)!

Brought the Americans out for a feast of crabs. They were here for the wedding.

Oooh doesn't Tiffany blue boxes get us all tingly inside? :)

That being said, doesn't Chanel too?

Guy's family gave me a budget for tea-ceremony jewellery shopping to my utter merriment. I got myself a Tiffany silver necklace and Chanel enamel earrings. I seriously believe in this system rather than them buying me gold stuff that I dislike.

When Sophiekins, Mmmy and I went over to 1Utama to get some cotton PJs from La Senza we found lovely paper sculptures adorning the lobby...

Turns out they're installations by Micky Tan for the Antalis Paper Fantasy exhibition. Tongue in Chic did a review on the event here.

Sophiekins and I went to Senjyu Sushi to have lunch since it claims to be the 'first premium kaiten or conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Malaysia'. Well we're great roe fans so we basically ordered everything on the menu that has roe on it!

Personally I find their sushi to be OK only-lah. It isn't exactly smashing stuff. Erk.

This proved to be the best item on the menu: mango ikura sushi. Now this one's yumsters.

Senjyu Sushi
e @ Curve
Lot G2 & G3, Ground Floor (Beside McDonalds)

Tel: +603 7727 9028

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