Thursday, July 15, 2010

my bachelorette party & that little slice of heaven tenggiri

When the girls asked me how I wanted my bachelorette to be, I thought, "Oooh this would be nice!! But that's just me. Don't think so the other girls would be up for it. With all the ruckus that's going around my town, I just couldn't stand to have a bar-hopping condom-selling girls-out-n-about soiree. So I suggested a nice day out in this heavenly place, Sekeping Tenggiri. It'll give me abit of a breather prior to the manic wedding day.

I've just recently known about this place after Sekeping Serendah. And thought to myself what a brilliant getaway amidst the city's insanity! That warm noon, Miss ChewChew and Miss ChongChong picked me up at home and we bumbled over with our bikinis and overnight bags. The other girls had other activities and would join us later.

This is what we walked into...

The view from my room (The L Garden Room)

My Fifi Lapin x LeSport Sac 'Dress Up' Field trip duffle and Tesco's jute The Natural Green Bag as well as my Damier Azur Vuitton Speedy marks my territory and choice of mattress!

Also Fifi Lapin x LeSport Sac 'Sweethearts' Lunch Date sac (toiletries bag of choice) denotes my side of the bathroom *giggle* I just love being first! You get to choose your side. On another note, did you know the 'Dress Me' Lunch Date sac was used by that Korean girl in 'Boys Over Flowers' to hold her lunch? Cutes!

I love customizing the deck chairs with my sarungs.

Dining light made of used Nutrigen plastic bottles to resemble a bee hive(?).
Another dining light made of hollowed tuna cans to also resemble a bee hive(?). A remarkable deed by Sek San's wife of turning trash into treasure.

I love the milk carton lampshade and the black-white striped brick path.

We especially love Sakil who mans Tenggiri. I'd like to think he was our butler for the day. He was extremely friendly and helped us out with everything at any time (very important when you find orange leaping frogs in your bathroom at 2300)! This is him fetching us dry towels from the rooftop for our swim.

Real-life Animal Planet at your door step.

This is the poolview room. I love their balcony cum daybed.

Sakil found a snake while watering the bushes and killed it just in time. OMG this totally spooked me out! He gave us a handy tip: if the dogs (they have 2 in-house dogs rescued from Pulau Ketam) don't come down from the attic, this usually means that there's a snake lurking about the compound! Yikes :P

While waiting for the other girls to arrive, we tied the tulle from my spa hamper to a pearl hairband (Miss ChongChong's mini gift) for it to resemble a veil and read gossip mags on the R Garden room's hammock-like daybed.

It was super nice frolicking in the pool in the warm sun. It took me back to the blissful days in Uma Sapna :) Glee! While we were swimming Serena C came to check Tenggiri out. She noticed my veil and congratulated me. Glee again!

Miss BellaBella came and brought me my official veil!

My dinner throne!

Catered dinner by Lolita's Daughter. Yum!

Canapes: Mushroom and cheese frittata (look at the sweet touches that went into the decor 'cos it was my bachelorette's... aww crazy lovely!)

Canapes: Mini meatloaves topped with caramelized onion

Main: Rocket, cherry tomatoes and mushroom salad with balsamic and olive oil dressing

Main: Penne with herby meatball topped with buffalo mozarella. My favourite!

Main: Pork stroganoff with French rice. Everyone's favourite!

Sakil was supposed to light the tiki torches out for the night but they didn't work so he laid out tea lights around the pool's parameter instead. Sweet, non?

Dessert: Mango trifle (not pictured as I accidentally ate it before anyone could say 'cheese'). Lemon mascarpone macarons... crazy yums! I'm adding Lolita to the macarons list :)

They hired a stripper for the night but the dingbat was a no-show. Too bad for me! :(

Tenggiri's guestbook is filled with warm wishes and merry memories. This is my favourite entry so far.

And these chicas were here on my birthday!

This is my entry :)

Top: Pineapple

When we got tired of waiting for the stripper, we headed out to Telawi for mamak. It was quite hilarious having thosai ghee with my veil on! I wore a tank that said 'Bride'.
Tank: La Senza

The next morning we had our morning tea in the pool.
Love this lifestyle! I want a pool in my home NOW :P

Before we checked out we got a chance to view the Sky Room. C├ęst fantastique!

Apart from the no-show stripper, I seriously enjoyed my time in Sekeping Tenggiri. The rustic ambience was a good escape from the rat-race and waking up to a pool was plain fabulous! I had good company and the food that night was great. I slept well that night and woke up fully charged for the week ahead: wedding week! Sek San did a great job with Tenggiri and the rest. Maybe next time Terasek Brickhouse?

48 Jalan Tenggiri
Taman Weng Lock
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6017-2075977

Oh and do tell Sakil I said hi!

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Anonymous said...

Hai, how much did you pay for one pax for the catered dinner by Lolita's Daughter? Thank you

shelbybaby said...

hello there anon, the budget was rm85 per pax. do inform them the theme of your event or any particular dish you prefer and they'll conjure up a menu befitting of the meal. their food is SO GOOD. hope you find the information useful!

visit lolita's daughter here:

Pinky said...

One room can fit how many? all your girls stayed there?

shelbybaby said...

pinky: depends on the room (do refer to the room details on the official sekeping tenggiri website) but mainly it's 2 pax per room (there are 7 rooms so you could approximate that it can house up to 14 pax). we booked the entire ground floor so it was cosy but we had to share the facilities with patrons of the few rooms on the first floor.

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