Friday, July 16, 2010

it was love at first sight...

... with adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott *SHRIEK*

Can you believe that I missed the previous JS wings collection?? I just despise how outdated I can be. Man check out the rainbow sneakers!! They could've been my technicolor shoes like that dude with the technicolor jacket! Too bad the sites that still stock them now don't have them in my size. US size 7... is that men's or women's??

Although not all is lost 'cos this is a sneakpeak of the Fall 2010 collection where Jeremy revamped the JS Wings and made them built in and not detachable as before. Brill!! Absolutely brill!! Oh and I'm just lusting over the winged jumper and Skeletor sweats!! Aaarghhhh... he has definitely maintained his outlandish punk-on-the-catwalk air since Project Runway. Love Love Love.

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