Monday, July 19, 2010

handmade kl's craft party

Remember my invitation to y'all fellow peeps to Mimpi's delightful debut craft party?? If you couldnt make it this time, do sign up to handmade KL's mailing list for updates on the next craft party. Anyhooters...

I thought I made a mistake sacrificing a precious Sunday morning sleep-in to attend the craft party. What more I dragged my sister and two friends along with me!

But the moment I stepped into +wondermilk I felt rejuvenated and immediately thrilled to be blessed with an opportunity to be present at one of the most historical events of the year: KL's VERY FIRST CRAFT PARTY!! You see, Murni's one of my favourite gals on planet earth. I have an affinity for her demure dreamy vibe and floaty feminine jewellery. And you see it on set at +wondermilk coupled with Mimpi's touches like...

... this cheerful welcome bunting.

+wondermilk all spruced up and ready for some decoupag-ing action!

Someone's a lil' grumpy from the early cock-a-doodle-doo *giggle*

Our table :)

My side of the table :)

My +wondermilk usual: Ice Rose Soda

A sweet treat to jumpstart the day.

The ladies start piling in and I find that everyone somehow shared whimsical auras and desires which collectively brought us to unite on this craft party. It's such a lovely notion, non? Well I'd like to think so.

This is pretty lil' Murni giving us basic decoupage guidelines and even her top looks like a piece of art!

Everyone gets busy!

+wondermilk gave Murni a box of cuppacakes in the spirit of craft-partying... yeayyy!!

Me loves Mod Podge!

There was a small 'group name' competition. We were the 'Teacup Dolls'. The others were so good. I felt so embarassed for our lack of creativity *blush*

Whimsical Wonders won the competition and it's pretty obvious with the meticulously cut cursive letters and fun tagline: Crafting Dreams Into Reality!!

I couldn't stay for the mini treasure hunt unfortunately and missed the group photo :(

I had an amazing time learning about decoupage and would have done afew cute ones for the wedding decor if I had known before... super looking forward to the next Craft Party! I cannot wait to learn more!!

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Some images courtesy of handmadeKL, Tongue In Chic, Liza Yaakub


jfook said...

Nice one. I love handmade craft too.

shelbybaby said...

jfook: yea!! crafts are the shizzzz :)

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