Monday, July 12, 2010

emerson: in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity

When Sophiekins showed me these I just burst in delight!

It was also told to me these (little silver lining) fellows were painfully castigated for what appears to be negligence in the tour of duty. Alright, as Guy remarks, war is war but I cannot help but feel really sorry for them because it is NOT easy to be fighting a battle and be in constant fear of not knowing if you'd live tomorrow. Everyday is a day of searching out enemies, using weaponry and sitting still... it's like being in an open-spaced prison and sometimes, just sometimes, people need a breather. That's why boys play video games, old men chat at coffee shops and women shop! There are moments we just need to break free for abit and do something other than what we do everyday. Sometimes we need to exercise abit of Kesha! And if Lady Gaga and her amusing munching choreography amuses them and brings them a wee bit of joy let them bloody have abit of fun time! Perhaps it's to set a warning example so as not to spur an army 'Telephone' video competition, I get that... Israel vs Palestine issues aside, I just feel that sometimes it can get so crazy out there and there's no Glee club for the poor souls to have some outlet. To them American soldiers, I applaud them anyways for such amazing showmanship and hope they continue to glimmer in spite of such adversities!


Lean said...

Dropping by ere. =). Smiles

shelbybaby said...

lean: hello!! and thanks for dropping by :)

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