Saturday, June 05, 2010

why i'm still a fat bride

It’s very odd as to why people get so hot and bothered that I’m a FAT bride.

My mother called me up to tell me that some imbecilic so-and-so came up to her and asked her why is it I’m still FAT approaching my wedding? I understand that it is something difficult to comprehend when naturally brides would go on anorexic binges and spend every waking minute in the gym. I have no idea why is it I just don’t have the strength and time to be that dedicated to weight-loss. Seriously. Alot of so-and-sos would volunteer their wives as striking examples. There’s always a story about a bride who worked out 4 hours a day in their gym with a personal trainer a year prior to the wedding and lost, like, I dunno 20 kgs or something similar. I know loadsa girls like that. They usually have light jobs, zero personalities and are not on a budget. I don’t usually linger on subjects like that ‘cos it’s no fun but let's dwell this time.

I do exercise. I just don’t have the liberty to hit the gym till I puke and start work at 10:30. I would if I didn’t rely on my job to get the kachingko$. I also would if I’m my own boss.

moi: Whoah whoah whoah.. WHAT time do you call this?
Myself: Uh... 10 to 11??moi: You do know work started 3 HOURS AGO??Myself: Uh... yeah? Like so?
moi: So...?? So?? So you can’t bloody waltz into work any bloody time you want!!Myself: I can if I’m the

Maybe I could spend more time running but I’m just too bloody tired at the end of the day. Besides every waking minute is being dedicated to crafts and wedding DIY *sigh*Perhaps I am taking the DIY too seriously but I cannot imagine my wedding to not have character! And unfortunately with character comes the need for kachingko$. Hence to cut cost I gotta do the shizz myself. I know the guests probably won’t give 2 hoots about my clay macarons or my lace tealights but I give a damn. I don’t want a lame-ass reception table as with the others. I want my guests to feel like they suddenly escape mundane KL and got transported suddenly to Paris... OK I have totally lost sense of conversation direction. Anyways I’m waaay too tired to lose weight. Or not eat.

I still have McDonalds and KFC. They’re Happy Food. And if getting married is all about eating Sad Salads or Miserable Misos then I should just stay engaged forever. Seriously.

I don’t have the intense discipline. As in there’s no US$100,000 waiting at the other side of the tunnel to egg me on. That and I don’t have that gigantic an inferiority complex that would make me phobic towards carbs.

Yes I do wanna go back to my semi-chubby era.

Yes I do wanna wear my darling dresses 1-size-too-small.

Yes yes yes. I am trying.

All I want is a little break from haters.

Just a little bit.


goingkookies said...

OMG!! I know what you mean!

HUGS TO YOU though I don't know you.

I am supposed to get married next year and am trying to lose weight (if you see my pictures i might not look super chubby or anything cos it's all about taking pictures at the right angles if possible =p) or at least nt be above 60 kgs but it's tough.

and now being in the OZland with yummy timtams and other chocs.. i've put on more weight.

ever since i started paktor ing with my bf like years back, i've putting on weight and my mum will say her so and so friend says i ve put on weight etc.. it's rather annoying.

if u re happy with where u r.. good for u! if u re not.. just take a step at a time and do the best that u can.. at the end.. it's not how thin u look but how radiantly u shine when all the love and happiness oozes out from u.

as for haters.. screw them (or so i would like to say) hate anorexic girls which are basically those 50kgs and below that make up of 80% of msian girls?

Jack Ng said...

hey hey ... stay happy :D

shelbybaby said...

going kookies: *hugs back* it is a real act of science when love puts you on eat-mode and you find yourself unable to zip-up that sexy pants that got you into a relationship in the first place. i guess relationship weighs 8kg ços that is what i weigh now ever since i got into my relationship :D

jack: trying..!! not really succeeding..!!

Fatham. Use your imagination said...


I'm sorry to hear you're going through so much! I empathize with your angst - I am average in size but I bought a dress whereby if I put on as much as an inch it would burst at the seams. Therefore I am trying to exercise as religiously as I can, but it's a pain and it's damn tiring!

However, the hubby told me: "Do it only if you really, really want to, and if there's a goal at the end that you REALLY want to achieve.". So I thought about it and yes, I really really want to look good in my dress on my special day!

Unfortunately results cannot be achieved w/o hard work. I am also swearing off sweets (partially due to my acne). However, friends have commented that I am looking more svelte and that is super awesome!

Start light - maybe a light jog on the weekends, and eat unhealthy less often (e.g. 3 days instead of everyday?). Do what is comfortable for you! Jia you!

goingkookies said...

Fatham. Use your imagination: All d best!! sigh. Losing weight is tough. Who doesn't want to look good and beautiful on their special day right?

I am trying to cut down my chocolate/sugar intake. TOUGH cos have a sweet tooth!!

But nothing is impossible =p

Kathlynn said...

i understand what ur goin thru - im tryin to shed a few kgs for my wedding on 1/1/11. but fret not, w ur confidence & shelbulousity, u will b a absolutely stunning bride!

congrats! :)

Yvonne said...

Hi Shelby

I'm a soon-to-be fat bride too so I can very well understand your woes; but I believe the right wedding gown will create a nice bodice for your special day.

Maybe you can get your tailor to do a quick fix on your wedding gown now (I know time is running short but believe me.. it's do-able)

i) add a halter neckline to elongate your upper body
ii) add a long ribbon on your empire line sash for a tall & dainty feel
iii) cutting away the sides of the gown to make it more A-line so that you get an overall slimmer look; and
iv) letting some of your hair down instead of all up in a bun to help cover the sides of your face (voila... thinner face).

Hope you get to read this in time for your wedding. It's just some ideas to share as I'm doing the same for myself.

You might not like a halter gown or all-hair-down-do, but if all that makes you look pretty in pictures, I believe it's something worthwhile to venture into just for that once-in-a-lifetime day!


Anonymous said...

drink a big cup of warm water when u wake up, before u brush yr teeth. continue to drink warm water throughout the day. stay away from colas, fizzies, snacks or supper. do moderate exercise. it's not abt being thin, it's abt being healthy. weight x matter, health does. and u will glow on your big day. congratulations!

shelbybaby said...

fatham: ohmegoodness exercise can be a real *ahem* hor! i seriously don't know how i let myself go so much and now that i'm looking at myself, the weighing scale, the wedding dress challenge i crazy regret every morsel of mchappy carb that passedthrough my esophagus. since i'm already in the 'moment in my lips and forever on my hips' phase i'll just need to buck up and run more laps!

goingkookies: y'said it girlfriend!

kathlynn: totally taking your words to heart and seriously gonna try to rock it out with my shining aura and hope it's so bright it'll blur out 10 inches off my waist!! all the best for your wedding babydoll :)

yvonne: WHOAH brilliant tips and super shelbulous of you for sharing. unfortunately for me it's a little too late for my case but i do hope other brides-to-be can benefit from this. i will have to resort to ALOT of photoshop to make myself look abit more beyonce than big mama! ;D

anon: thx so much for those really handy information!! just 'cos i didn't lose weight in time for the wedding doesn't mean i don't wanna lose it after. i still do and all this is super valuable for me to knoe :)

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