Friday, June 04, 2010

a peek into coco's cocoon

I've been gone a good few months and I come back to oh-so-many exciting developments.

Everyone from Alix aka The Cherry Blossom Girl to Michelle Phan aka Rice Bunny has gone all Vogue on me.

Anyhoo.. Alix was given this ecstaticly insane opportunity to visit Coco Chanel's home. The only one ever time I ever had the chance to peek into a place of Coco's was when Joe Bennett brought Victory Ford to one of her secret design studios on one of their first few dats (and they f*cked on Coco's bed). These are a couple of images that she took. You are where you live and it comes without surprise that Coco's home reflected well in her work especially her costume jewelleries (at least that's what I feel).

You can view more on her blog.

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