Thursday, June 03, 2010

bridezilla boo boos

Hey there babydolls,

It's exactly a month to the wedding and I'm going ballistic.

Been having quite abit of a run-in with bad luck. I believe it's cue for a flowerbath to buang sial.

List of bad mojo:

1. Wedding prep stress (balancing budget, sorting out relatives accomodation, LOTS and LOTS of diy crafting)
2. Generalized face eczema (from the stress)
3. My car got hit from behind leaving a dent... f*ck. And it's the wedding car. Double f*ck.
4. Cat came and pounced (though I believe it thought it would bounce) on my styrofoam Eiffel Tower
5. I kena aduan
6. I'm still FAT. OK fine fat isn't really a luck thing but I consider myself unlucky to be FAT
on my wedding day. If I was a lucky girl I would be thin!! :I

Actually I spend most of my time over at my other (new) online abode... you can see me gawk and grumble @

Shall Be loved... Shelby Married

Also there's loadsa DIY pointers and details of the wedding journey. Go over and holler. Will resume the lifestyle here once the madness ends.


Ashley Two Fish said...

sad to say, all of us have to go through this stress for wedding preparations. but be assured that on the day itself, nothing will matter anymore! just make sure u delegate all works that day, make sure u and ur hubby has nothing to do other than be the bride n groom!

congrats! can't believe i'm seeing your journey into a new life via your blog!

shelbybaby said...

ashley: omg delegation can be so freaky. letting someone else do the job can be quite nerve-wrecking especially since i've suddenly turned all control-freak! *guffaws* i don't know how to help myself... thank you so much for the well wishes babydoll, i cannot believe i'm journeying into this myself!

goingkookies said...

Oh hugs!! I am sure each and every bride goes through that phase..

it's like u need help and u want to delegate but yet at the same time u really want it done a certain way and u worry that someone will do sth wrongly.

it's really nice to be able to read about some parts of ur journey.. these days, ppl are worried to blog more personal stuff but that's the interesting bits.. =)

one more month!! congrats and all d best!!

shelbybaby said...

going kookies: it's great to know that you're feelin' what i'm meanin'. i really do try to stay true to the blogging spirit and hope to continuously do so... don't want to just turn into yet another mainstream picture site. thx for the encouragement babydoll :)

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