Saturday, June 05, 2010

why i'm still a fat bride

It’s very odd as to why people get so hot and bothered that I’m a FAT bride.

My mother called me up to tell me that some imbecilic so-and-so came up to her and asked her why is it I’m still FAT approaching my wedding? I understand that it is something difficult to comprehend when naturally brides would go on anorexic binges and spend every waking minute in the gym. I have no idea why is it I just don’t have the strength and time to be that dedicated to weight-loss. Seriously. Alot of so-and-sos would volunteer their wives as striking examples. There’s always a story about a bride who worked out 4 hours a day in their gym with a personal trainer a year prior to the wedding and lost, like, I dunno 20 kgs or something similar. I know loadsa girls like that. They usually have light jobs, zero personalities and are not on a budget. I don’t usually linger on subjects like that ‘cos it’s no fun but let's dwell this time.

I do exercise. I just don’t have the liberty to hit the gym till I puke and start work at 10:30. I would if I didn’t rely on my job to get the kachingko$. I also would if I’m my own boss.

moi: Whoah whoah whoah.. WHAT time do you call this?
Myself: Uh... 10 to 11??moi: You do know work started 3 HOURS AGO??Myself: Uh... yeah? Like so?
moi: So...?? So?? So you can’t bloody waltz into work any bloody time you want!!Myself: I can if I’m the

Maybe I could spend more time running but I’m just too bloody tired at the end of the day. Besides every waking minute is being dedicated to crafts and wedding DIY *sigh*Perhaps I am taking the DIY too seriously but I cannot imagine my wedding to not have character! And unfortunately with character comes the need for kachingko$. Hence to cut cost I gotta do the shizz myself. I know the guests probably won’t give 2 hoots about my clay macarons or my lace tealights but I give a damn. I don’t want a lame-ass reception table as with the others. I want my guests to feel like they suddenly escape mundane KL and got transported suddenly to Paris... OK I have totally lost sense of conversation direction. Anyways I’m waaay too tired to lose weight. Or not eat.

I still have McDonalds and KFC. They’re Happy Food. And if getting married is all about eating Sad Salads or Miserable Misos then I should just stay engaged forever. Seriously.

I don’t have the intense discipline. As in there’s no US$100,000 waiting at the other side of the tunnel to egg me on. That and I don’t have that gigantic an inferiority complex that would make me phobic towards carbs.

Yes I do wanna go back to my semi-chubby era.

Yes I do wanna wear my darling dresses 1-size-too-small.

Yes yes yes. I am trying.

All I want is a little break from haters.

Just a little bit.

Friday, June 04, 2010

a peek into coco's cocoon

I've been gone a good few months and I come back to oh-so-many exciting developments.

Everyone from Alix aka The Cherry Blossom Girl to Michelle Phan aka Rice Bunny has gone all Vogue on me.

Anyhoo.. Alix was given this ecstaticly insane opportunity to visit Coco Chanel's home. The only one ever time I ever had the chance to peek into a place of Coco's was when Joe Bennett brought Victory Ford to one of her secret design studios on one of their first few dats (and they f*cked on Coco's bed). These are a couple of images that she took. You are where you live and it comes without surprise that Coco's home reflected well in her work especially her costume jewelleries (at least that's what I feel).

You can view more on her blog.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

bridezilla boo boos

Hey there babydolls,

It's exactly a month to the wedding and I'm going ballistic.

Been having quite abit of a run-in with bad luck. I believe it's cue for a flowerbath to buang sial.

List of bad mojo:

1. Wedding prep stress (balancing budget, sorting out relatives accomodation, LOTS and LOTS of diy crafting)
2. Generalized face eczema (from the stress)
3. My car got hit from behind leaving a dent... f*ck. And it's the wedding car. Double f*ck.
4. Cat came and pounced (though I believe it thought it would bounce) on my styrofoam Eiffel Tower
5. I kena aduan
6. I'm still FAT. OK fine fat isn't really a luck thing but I consider myself unlucky to be FAT
on my wedding day. If I was a lucky girl I would be thin!! :I

Actually I spend most of my time over at my other (new) online abode... you can see me gawk and grumble @

Shall Be loved... Shelby Married

Also there's loadsa DIY pointers and details of the wedding journey. Go over and holler. Will resume the lifestyle here once the madness ends.
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