Sunday, April 18, 2010

what do you call crocodile in hokkien??

*watching National Geographic one fine weekend afternoon*

moi: What’s crocodile in Hokkien?
Guy: Buaya.
moi: Buaya’s Malay-lah. I mean Hokkien... the real Hokkien term.
Guy: Boyo.
moi: That’s still Buaya!
Guy: But that’s crocodile in Hokkien.
moi: That can’t be so. Ok fine, what’s crocodile in Mandarin?
Guy: Er-Yue.
moi: I’ve got the name then... it’s Noh-Hoo... Two-Fish hmm how bizarre.
Guy: It’s not Noh-Hoo.
moi: Ok then maybe it’s Iyau-Hoo... Hungry Fish. Yup that’s most rightly so.
Guy: You can’t just invent names.
moi: I’m not inventing! I’m just stating the apparent.

*later in the car*

moi: Dddy what’s crocodile in Hokkien?
Dddy: *pauses for awhile*
Dddy: Boyo
moi: Buaya’s Malay-lah. Hokkien!!
Dddy: Ayo.
moi: Come come let Master teach you... it’s called Noh-Hoo.
Mmmy: Wh..??
moi: OK fine if you don’t like that version you can always use Iyau-Hoo.
Parentals: *pengsan*

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