Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i want to wake up in vegas

I want to elope.

I suddenly realize why Mr Big didn’t make it to the altar the first time he wed Carrie or why Maggie Carpenter galloped away with her stallion in her wedding dress. All the wedding preparation is just way too much for a person to handle. We should actually be allocated wedding planning leaves cos planning a ceremony which is supposedly the biggest deal in terms of events in your life is physically and mentally draining!

I know I’ve got a wedding planner but somehow my nuisance is not relieved. Why is this so??


Issue 01: The parental have been harping on the invites since a fortnight ago driving me insane. When it got printed I immediately rushed them a copy thinking, with a dash of self-accomplishment, that I’ve at least crossed something off the list only for Mmmy to suddenly find that we left out the dress code in the invites. Everyone freaked out and eagerly looked for a scape goat. Obviously the blame falls on me despite having asked them to do a check on the draft before I sent it out to the printers. It made me so angry that I cried spontaneously while watching Kimora Lee Simmons on E. What frustrates me is that nobody even bothered to offer a solution. In the end I made ‘dress code’stickers for the unsent invites. As for the mailed ones, I figure I’ll just inform them on RSVP.

Issue 02: my Styrofoam Eiffel Tower base is broken into pieces cos the bloody neighbourhood cat decided to play trampoline on it! I hate the bloody cat so much!! Aargh I don’t care what you cat-lovers wanna say... if you sayang felines so much you either keep it your house or pick up strays to keep in your house so that it doesn’t ruin my life. Guy’s now in charge to lastik it the moment it sticks its crummy paws into my land.

Issue 03: I can’t wear my Viktor & Rolf wedding dress cos I’m fat. F*CK F*CK F*CK F*CK!! I hate being FATTTT!!

Issue 04: Just Heavenly says I can’t stack Red Velvet cakes cos the cream cheese frosting is too pliable and it may collapse inwards... like the Highland Towers. So there goes my swirly butterfly deco.

Issue 05: I’m also responsible to arrange the pre-wedding makan-makan. Ayo. Can die one.

Issue 06: I have not gotten the hair + make-up sorted. I haven’t gotten the entertainment sorted.

This has brought to many heaving sighs and multinuous chest discomforts. I can’t wait for the D day to be over. Yet I also fear for my life that as everyday passes, it’s yet another day creeping near and if I’m not OCD meticulous everything’ll be a total disaster!!

I now think Little White Chapel, Vegas is genius. Why didn't I just do that before?

Man, I need a Mojito. OK fine a skinny Mojito.


Cindy Khor said...

oh dear, seems like getting married isn't really romantic afterall.

but 1st calm down, babe. its a wedding. an important ceremony for you to be officially guy's wife. so just do whatever you think is right.

shelbybaby said...

cindy: the married part is ok romantic but the wedding part... man that CAN be a real b*tch. I can't believe I'm actually thinking this aloud :D trying to calm down... steady nerves steadyyy... can't wait for your big day too babydoll!

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