Sunday, March 28, 2010

they finally got hitched

This is Miss ChuaChua and Ah Yann.

You’d probably recognize them from the good-ole UK heydays and more recently their trip down here.

Miss ChuaChua and I were flatmates of infamous 305 NorthWestern Hall over at Liverpool Lime Street *giggle* She was a hippy Hongkie who always seemed to be late and I was the quirky Malaysian who was funny. Note to general people: fat people are always the funny ones… it just makes much more sense to laugh at our weight rather than explain it. Also it’s not much of a point to look hot if you’re fat ‘cos people look past your Armenian features and focus on your wobbly Buffalo wing arms / Thunder-thighs / Himalayan abdominals. It’s just how it is… we’ve learnt to suck it in (pun not intended).Not that I've got Armenian features :P I'm just saying. Oh and I say Armenian 'cos of the Kardashians.

We never really spoke at first. I learnt quite abit from her like how to make a killer fried rice (the answer lies in Nam Phra!), the joy in having an extensive Pooh beanies collection, finding hidden bohemian chic treasures in H&M (hey that place can be a bloody maze OK!!), and most of all the need for one to be independent and free. While we were bumbling through our life in Liverpool she met Yann in a course and they fell in love. I know Miss ChuaChua… she has a free spirit and is the sort you must never hold too tight or she’d seep through the holes between your fingers. But then they got a puppy and then they bought a house (of which Yann told me first). And then her world changed. Don’t tell her I said this but I personally believe the dog changed everything.

So when she called me last year just immediately after she announced on Facebook that she was getting married, I broke down in heavy sobs. She told me later I was the only idiot who cried on the phone when I got the news ‘cos even her mother didn’t. It was terribly emotional for me ‘cos I’ve watched their relationship start out as a bud into a bloom… Now they’re planning a wedding in October and Miss ChuaChua is talking ‘bout maybe having a child. I am genuinely happy for them. It was certainly a very poignant moment for us all. Definitely a very exciting year for us 305-ers.

Everyone’s getting (had gotten) married this year, don’t you think?

I’ve been getting tons of wedding cards since January, my new nurse just got married, my wedding is due in July… heck even Xiaxue got married! It must be helluva good year for hotels / restaurants, caterers, canopy rentals, wedding dress tailors, wedding planners, cake people etc… and it’s only the 1st quarter!!


Fatham. Use your imagination said...

It's true! everything is getting married!!

I have another really good friend getting married in October :)

Looking forward to all ur wedding preparation updates!

shelbybaby said...

hey babydoll!! really hope to put in more articles but just running a losing race with time and energy... will try will try

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