Wednesday, March 10, 2010

kl... i'm baaaaack...!!

Babydolls! It’s highly imperative that I inform y’all lovely macaroons that my transfer back to KL has been approved.

The secret?

Perseverance and prayers by the wheelbarrows. Seriously.

I have been looking high and low for a titanium rod cable alas(!!) to no avail. And so I figured I was doomed to a bucolic life indefinitely… I mean Jatinangor to Teluk Intan and then Batu Gajah? There’s an obvious pattern there, non? That Sex And The City cum Lipstick Jungle cum Cashmere Mafia lifestyle possibility looked bleaker by the micro second. It was yet another round of transfer application and this time a marriage certificate was involved. Still I had no faith it could be of any help ‘cos I’ve got colleagues running to me in tears with their 36th week pregnant tums when their transfers got rejected.

For me, I didn’t believe in the NORMAL way. I believe in connection = transfer.
Guy, on the other hand, believes in the NORMAL way. He believes in application = transfer.

We had afew rows about it. We used his way anyway ‘cos it’s not as if I had any alternatives. Trying is better than doing nothing at all. Just that there’s only so much rejection you can take.

Turns out all those letters were worth something ‘cos here I am standing on the steps of Jabatan Kesihatan Wilayah Persekutuan finding for the Human Resources Department to report in for duty. I had to admit, very reluctantly, that Guy was right and that the NORMAL way was possible. I left TI in a jiffy. We took a night to pack and the next day the army 3-tonner truck came and swept all my belongings back home. Everything happened so fast. I didn’t even have time to say proper goodbyes. A lot of people said I didn’t look too thrilled but it was just mainly with respects to my other colleague who weren’t as fortunate. But deep inside, I was singing merrily like a kookaburra and doing virtual heel-clicks!! Next thing I knew I had boxes of my sh*t lying all over the new place which needed a lot of doing up. That’s it. TI suddenly seemed like a distant memory away… I don’t know if it’s because I don’t wish to remember or if I’m just plain excited with the new beyond.
I’ve never been one who’s good with change but this change I embrace. Like the clenches of a python.

I report on the 16th. Pray I get a KK (Klinik Kesihatan).


ZaAnuar+Junior said...

this year is definitely your lucky year
treasure it babe
am very very happy for you
no need to moan and groan anymore...hehe

shelbybaby said...

zanuar: super nice compliments!! enjoying this and hoping it'll last long long long :)

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