Monday, February 22, 2010

keep fishin'

We have just gotten our MO posting of which none of us are pleased (they shipped us further than beyond) about so to bazooka the stress away, Ah Mesh suggested we do what he'd always do: fishing.

I've never fished in my life. OK correction. Once when I was, like, I dunno.. 15 or something the family once went on some cruise and one of the activities were squid fishing but nobody on the ship caught anything.

To kick off the fishing frenzy we had to get geared up of course:

Work in O&G ends at 1800 so by the time we rush home, put on our sailor suit the fishing shop is almost closed. We manage to halt them in time to gather tools. The chica in the counter wasn't too happy and delaying her prep to go home but us coming over made her 2 sales within minutes so quit frownin' b*atch :P

I bought a prawn pole 'cos a fish pole's just wayyy too long. Plus it's not as if I'm some kinda massive deep-sea fisherman. This is us driving through the sleepy town on a weekday evening towards the river. Teluk meaning delta is basically a mini island in the middle of the river mouth. So really we're just enveloped by water. There's a river everywhere...

Life and fishing, they go together. Like bait: In life you must always have an 'IT Factor' of which you should secure it to your advantage. In fishing it's called an earthworm.

In life we warm up or brush our teeth. In fishing we get ready to cast off.

Then in life there's cruise collection. In fishing it's called Forever21 nautical stripe cardi.


Our hook got stuck with some kinda rock or weedy stuff so we had to cut the string loose and recast. That's life too. Sometimes you get stuck and you can't go nowhere. If you can't rewind try playing around... and if that doesn't work, it's painful but you just gotta cut it. Then recast.

That and alot about fishing is location and a bucket loada solitude.

Geez, you cannot imagine how much patience it takes to catch a measly river-life. And I see so many guys putting up 4 to 5 poles each and just waiting. OMG. Can die one.

In the end Ah Waran caught something in the restaurant: it's called Ikan Pari Bakar :)

And so concludes our fishing story. It's so not me. Once bitten twice shy. Now WTF am I gonna do with a prawn rod?

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