Tuesday, March 30, 2010

cameron highlands: bala's chalet

To celebrate our 1st year anniversary (and the finale of Housemanship) we went to Cameron Highlands for a weekend getaway. I crazy love weekend getaways, don’t you?

We decided to go to Cameron Highlands ‘cos Ah Mut was going on and on and on about the mind-cleansing properties of the fabulous tea plantation view and the crisp morning fresh air tinged with strawberry dew. Wooot! I mean when somebody throws such adjectives at you, you can’t help but be so curious as to how marvelous it can truly be.

One thing though, I seriously cannot tahan the drive up to Cameron’s. The Tapah route is briefer but the winding roads drove my semi-circular canal into a frenzy. I was nauseous all the way to Ringlet and was swallowing gastric juices by the time we hit Tanah Rata. After that it was quite a relief. We went over to our lodging to check in.

I chose to stay in the very historical Bala’s Chalet.

Bala’s Chalet started out as a boarding school in 1934 for expatriate children during the pre-war colonial times. Read more of Bala's Chalet history here.

(conversation)Guy: I’ve never been to England but I feel like this could be England.
moi: I’ve stayed in England and I’m telling you this is could bloody well be England in summer!

As I approach the reception I’m suddenly enthusiastic.. what with the Tudor design and all. I look around the porch and see beautiful bright-coloured flowers basking in the glorious mesh of sunshine and cool breeze. I was not allowed to photograph the interiors of the reception… perhaps they were afraid of notorious facsimiles… but it is definitely very pleasant inside as it is outside.

We get the keys to our room and initiate the steep climb up to Raffles Suite. Our suite was called Warwick and the entire row of lodging was just absolutely enchanting!

Let me take you on a mini-tour inside…

The theme colour is lavender which explains the wall and bedspread. You’ve got your tea-making corner and antique table lamps.

The regal armchair and wooden coffee table.

The basic shower and sink. The showers doesn’t get too hot in Cameron’s. I bathed in chatters.

There is an intriguing staircase that leads up to the loft. Oooh how I love lofts!! It’s just so English to have lofts y’know.

I adored the daybed! I’m sure you know my passion for daybeds here and here. As I was reading a book up there, I looked up at the ceiling.. closed my eyes.. and dreamt Enid Blyton dreams.

There is a window at the loft that opens out to the front..

You can see the little courtyard from here. C’est bonne, non?

Perfect for some morning or evening tea!

Thumbs up:
- Tudor cottage architecture
- English countryside decor and ambience
- scones at Jim Thompson's Tea Room: lovely!

Thumbs down:
- there aren't as many road signs as I imagined (the entrance is situated in the middle of a road turn so if you’re going a little quickly, you could actually miss it and it’s quite a b*tch to make a U-turn)
- the staff weren’t super friendly as I would like them to be (firstly the old guy at the desk was quite abit frosty and seemed irritable when we got a small discount - ‘cos I know a person who knows the owner of the place- on the rate)
- it gets really really quiet at night which makes it a little uncomfortable if we wanna play catching in the room (yes, my husband and I enjoy a game of catching. It’s innocuous delight :) Perhaps I’m just too used to the sound of a buzzing air-conditioner. Guess I’m no jungle Jane) 
- the bed is really squeaky (refer above)
- the ‘no photography’ over at the reception area

Despite (the thumbs down), I would still highly recommend this chalet for it’s amazing ambience… just a lil’ Malaysian English countryside delight!!

Bala's Holiday Chalet
Lot 55, Tanah Rata, 39000 Cameron Highlands
Pahang, Malaysia
Tel: +605 4911660

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☆彡Mitchell Cullen said...

May I know what type of chalet do you rent that time? I really love the lofts!

shelbybaby said...

mitchell: we stayed at the raffles suite. hope you have a good stay there!

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