Monday, March 29, 2010

the big move

This week marks the first week that I’ve been back in KL.

How has it been different?

Frankly I haven’t had the time to fully utilize my existence in the city what with the process of moving, getting my house prepped and sorting out my career. Perhaps in a fortnight when I’ve cleared my accommodation and settled into my new job, I could give a better perspective of change I’m going through. There are afew that I’ve noted so far…

… in the morning when I’m driving to work, I’m no longer tailing leisure small-town / old folk drivers driving their grandchildren to school and attempting to overtake swiftly. You see if you see cars whizzing by in the wee hours along Jalan Changkat Jong in TI, they’re usually houseman rushing to work. It’s all ‘cos we’re usually deadbeat tired and trying to maximize time sleep time by waking up as near punch-card time as possible and then sprint like it’s our last 7 minutes and 27 seconds alive to the hospital. Over here it’s another scene altogether ‘cos everyone’s on F1 mode racing each other to work. I literally go “Whoah buddy!” especially as I hit the toll. Also it’s surreal to drive by the Twin Towers as they wave to me in the morning sun. I’ve dreamt of the day I go by the gargantuan pair of which I deem to be absolutely urbanite and here I am doing it daily. I know a lot of you city-slickers take it for granted but this really puts a smile on my face. It’s a real hallmark of working / liking in the city. Glee!

… I don’t have to make a monthly list of all the sh*t I’ve gotta do to get things settle. Now I can get it done immediately that day.. stat. Like the time we fixed up our MASKROS light over at the dining and I totally forgot the energy-saving bulb, my initial response was to jot it down in my to-do-list. Creature of habit mah. But then Dddy was, like, “Go and get it now-lah so we know if it’s working.” And then it suddenly dawned upon me that I don’t have to scribble everything into a list anymore. If I wanna go to IKEA and get a bulb I can. Now that’s really overwhelming for me.

There are more. Just can’t think of it now. Wanna go check on the final parquet varnish over at my new place.

Do y’all have any country mouse / town mouse stories to share? Holler!


kenwooi said...

i've never really stayed in KL before.. usually Ipoh.. or Nilai, while i was studying my degree =)

Lean said...

Checking out ere =)

shelbybaby said...

kenwooi: in the city we keep it sockin'we keep it rockin'

lean: bienvenue!

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