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Monday, February 22, 2010

keep fishin'

We have just gotten our MO posting of which none of us are pleased (they shipped us further than beyond) about so to bazooka the stress away, Ah Mesh suggested we do what he'd always do: fishing.

I've never fished in my life. OK correction. Once when I was, like, I dunno.. 15 or something the family once went on some cruise and one of the activities were squid fishing but nobody on the ship caught anything.

To kick off the fishing frenzy we had to get geared up of course:

Work in O&G ends at 1800 so by the time we rush home, put on our sailor suit the fishing shop is almost closed. We manage to halt them in time to gather tools. The chica in the counter wasn't too happy and delaying her prep to go home but us coming over made her 2 sales within minutes so quit frownin' b*atch :P

I bought a prawn pole 'cos a fish pole's just wayyy too long. Plus it's not as if I'm some kinda massive deep-sea fisherman. This is us driving through the sleepy town on a weekday evening towards the river. Teluk meaning delta is basically a mini island in the middle of the river mouth. So really we're just enveloped by water. There's a river everywhere...

Life and fishing, they go together. Like bait: In life you must always have an 'IT Factor' of which you should secure it to your advantage. In fishing it's called an earthworm.

In life we warm up or brush our teeth. In fishing we get ready to cast off.

Then in life there's cruise collection. In fishing it's called Forever21 nautical stripe cardi.


Our hook got stuck with some kinda rock or weedy stuff so we had to cut the string loose and recast. That's life too. Sometimes you get stuck and you can't go nowhere. If you can't rewind try playing around... and if that doesn't work, it's painful but you just gotta cut it. Then recast.

That and alot about fishing is location and a bucket loada solitude.

Geez, you cannot imagine how much patience it takes to catch a measly river-life. And I see so many guys putting up 4 to 5 poles each and just waiting. OMG. Can die one.

In the end Ah Waran caught something in the restaurant: it's called Ikan Pari Bakar :)

And so concludes our fishing story. It's so not me. Once bitten twice shy. Now WTF am I gonna do with a prawn rod?

Monday, February 15, 2010

what chinese new year means to me this year

Keong Hee Keong Hee babydolls!!

How's the tigress new year treating y'all? And most of all how was ang-pow collection yo??

Mine's even more tragic in comparison to last year. Damnit. I was hoping for a miracle since it was gonna be my last ang-pow year. Mark this my young ones, the older you grow the lesser you'll receive. Damnit. So just like magazine freebies, treasure and gather as much as you can get! Taking advantage... that's they key. No compromise when it comes to ang-pow collection.

I didn't get to celebrate Valentine's Day with Guy as it coincided with CNY (boo!). Mmmy insists I spend my last CNY Day 01 with the family so that's what I did and Guy the good son went home to Kedah for Eve prayers. We did do some CNY activities together prior:

Taking drives around my TI (Teluk Intan) neighbourhood and gawk at the OTT lighting. I sometimes I feel I'm passing through some kinda 'Insert Surname' Dynasty brothey alley.

It's very weird. I've never celebrated CNY attached before. It was probably gonna be my last year with my TI gang so I prepared angpows for them in QQ packets!!

Guy saw this article in The Star (Jan 23, Saturday) and pointed it out to me. I was utterly BLOWN AWAY! Seriously. Isn't this the cutest plant on earth?? I immediately got Dddy on the phone and put him on a 'Xiao Niao Hua' search. The parentals located a nursery that sold it but all they had were the RM150 ones which was wayyy beyond my budget. I decided against one but Mmmy secretly bought me one anyways *giggle* Gotta loves that woman ;)

“Customers like its beautiful blooms and they believe the flowers bring a lot of luck. The story about my customer striking the lottery helped a lot,” said Ng with a smile.

The plant, scientifically known as Pedilanthus, looks similar to Zamioculca or jing qian shu (money tree). It has pinkish leaves bearing green fruits shaped like cute little sparrows. The plant is said to have ‘revived’ the business of a man whose business was so bad that he had considered closing down for good.

Turns out there was a local TI nursery that stocked that (now known in this article effective Jan 30, Saturday as) Sparrow Flower so I scored Miss CillaCilla, Grandmother and Father-in-law one each. I already have the one Mmmy bought me. It's just the most brilliant CNY gift, non?


And of course Lou Yee Sang with the gang. Like hello. For sure!

It was a first time for some. Me bought them this dinner. Out of sentimental reason... it could be our last CNY dinner together... boo.

I'll miss you dolls.

CNY eve drives back to me are always so much fun 'cos I'll be breezin' back to KL while smirking at bumper-to-bumper Perak go-ers.

I think all graphics in Simpulan Bahasa books for Puteri Lilin can be replaced with this image. This is Mmmy's attempt at escaping the rays on our way back to Kelantan.

Dddy gets real excited whenever we return to Kota Bharu. Mmmy and him would get all nostalgic and I would have to listen to what every building means to them for the 56738th time.

1st day CNY's always at my uncle's place and here you go our annual yellow wall family portraits. Mmmy's lookin' QQ here, non?

CNY's times for the young and old to get together and have abit of a chat while gulping down orange squash (which we would never do on a regular basis).

It's the time when Dddy dispenses life advice to the lil ones. Since I'm no longer a lil one and Sophiekins' in London, my cousins takes the Throne of Torture :P

It is also a time to make sure everyone gets fed well.

Not forgetting yourself. South Beach? Atkins? Are they names of sandals?

This year it's all about the flapper in spring. Long live Bohemian Chic! Flower headband: Diva. Floral necklace: Forever21. Lace silk frock: Miss Selfridge.

It's been a decade since I went back to Great-Grandfather's to pay respects to our ancestors. Some bad sh*t's been happening lately so Mmmy decided we should go pray. These coconut trees belonged to my Great-Grandfather. When you look up in the sky from his house you'd never fail to see this. Serenity at its zenith.

CNY gatherings used to be held here 'till Great-Grandfather passed away. Now a caretaker is in charge of the place but obviously the fella ain't doing a good job.

Approaching the main entrance.

That's Great-Grandmother and Great-Grandfather. Loves 'em! I have vivid memories of 'em but boy was Great-Grandfather one helluva farmer. All he needed to do was stuff something into the ground and he'd end up with an orchard! We used to pluck cikus together.

Gladiator sandals: Cotton On.

Dddy felt bad to see Great-Grandfather's stools prognosis so he decided to bring them home for my new house. He's real sentimental 'bout stuff sometimes that old man. Maybe 'cos he moved around alot when he was a child and haven't got no legacies. He's making sure I don't possess the same fate.

We folded some after-life currencies to be 'banked into' Great-Grandfather's savings account. I paid for the paper ingots cos technically I banked in kachingkos for Ah Chor! Yeayea!!

Dddy fooled around with Great-Grandfather's rake. Guess who he looks like??

Another icon of Great-Grandfather's house is his red (dunno name wor) flowers. I used to pluck 'em and suck the nectar out. Yums!

You know you don't come from a conventional Chinese family when your reunion dinner comes out of a paper packet. Still, Nasi Kukus Zaeman's good grub! I'd go for this over Ma Pou Tofu anytime :D

Chap Goh Meh and the moon is shining oh so brightly. Makes me remember CGM last year. Much has changed since then. It's a wonder what one year can bring people huh?


Sunday, February 14, 2010

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