Monday, January 25, 2010

so that story about my ring

So that story about my ring (which happened last year December)

When I was just a wee bit younger and (probably) didn’t know any better I was adamant that if my boyfriend didn’t accessorize his proposal with a QQ (I love this word!! It’s really “cute-cute” in letters… I think some Cina girl invented it but it’s such an adorable term :D) turquoise*cough* Tiffany *cough* ring-box he might as well not bother. I wanted to be Charlotte when she was with Dr Trey MacDougal. I wanted to be the girl who stands in front of Tiff & Co with her beau and he goes… “Maybe we should go in and choose something for my wife *wink*”. Aaaahhh...

And then I got into a REAL relationship where words like salary, housing loan, financial planning and….. BUDGET (horrors!!) started to exist. I had to do a JLo and ‘Get Real’. Maybe it’s the lurrrve thing that consumed me into not wanting to tax on him too badly despite my desire for a F*CK-OFF diamond! We’re gonna be paying for the house (yup we've got a home, tell y’all more about that later) and with his government salary it’s just not realistic to get something so small at the price of a Kenari!

How much was it-ah??

Quote XiaXue, “ ... since the 'market rate' is 3 months' salary... ” Unquote.

For my Ring-Buying experience *click here*

Guy later told me he had to empty a big chunk of his savings for that ring. I felt pretty awful about that (for a short while). I was quite sorry he had to go through such an ordeal but he said he could handle it and that it was all worth it if I was really happy with the ring. Also that if it took some ass-selling to get me to wear a ring around my finger and show the world I'm taken, he'd do it *wink* And really happy with the ring was I. I know that people say love cannot be measured with money but when Guy banked that money into my Mmmy's account, I really knew that he loves me (to freakin' death weeeee *squeals*) much.

"You could buy me diamonds
You could buy me pearls
Take me on a cruise around the world
Baby, you know I'm worth it..."

... A Woman's Worth, Alicia Keys ...


kenwooi said...

ladies like rings eh? =P

YeahWay said...

why lah your boy-boy go take his soon-to-be (STB) mother-in-law (MIL) ring shopping for her first-to-get-married daughter??? dungu lah he... and horrible lah u... for getting his STB MIL to go.. ish ish!

shelbybaby said...

kenwooi: yeayea we like em bling-blings!!

yeahway: i didn't think my mum was gonna react that way. usually she silent only mah. besides she very patpat wanna come and since he didn't say anything i thought all was gonna be cool... i thought-lah. obviously i'm also another dungu :P

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