Friday, January 22, 2010

day 01 post-burglary

There’s only 1 thing to do after your house have been broken into: clean up! The house was in a mess. They went through everything including Kuan Yin’s altar (landlord’s). Did they think there was gonna be treasures in between incenses and paper ingots?? Perhaps they’ve been through houses who did those stuff. They must have been pretty experienced. Every pocket and every pouch and every page of book in the house was rummaged through. They didn’t spare the pots and pans either. I had a stupendous time cleaning up my room. I didn’t know where to start. Everything was everywhere… they literally tore the place apart. The obvious things that were missing were my:

- 13” Sony Vaio laptop
- Sony digital camera (me Sony girl)
- iPod Nano
- portable DVD player


When the policeman asked me for an estimation for the loss yesterday, I was personally surprised that RM8000 just flew outta the window. That’s 80 oncalls to make up for things. That’s 7 months of non-stop EOD (every other day meaning Monday, Wednesday, Friday etc…)!!

When I started to really put my things back into place flashes of the phonecall from my housemate started to play like a broken record. I had just gotten out of the OT (Operation Theatre) and was beat. I don’t usually take phonecalls but since it was rare that my housemate called me so I answered.

Ah Seng:
Uhh… I just got home and I think our house got broken into. Everything’s in a mess.
moi: HUH?? WTF.
Ah Seng: Do you think you lost anything?
moi: (OMG I hope the burglars didn’t steal my CNY kuih bakuls + chicken biscuits… I just bought my CNY supplies, like, yesterday!! F*CKKK WTF ARE YOU THINKING BOUT YOUR STUPID CNY COOKIES… FOCUS FOCUS!!) Uhh.. d-d-did they uhh take me l-l-laptop? It’s always on the floor.
Ah Seng: Your place is in a mess but I don’t see any laptop.
moi: Yea I’m sure they took it. Sh*t. I’ll try to come home now.

Well turns out they also took my spectacles. Which is bloody weird ‘cos they were just a pair of cheap China-mari glasses. Just that I really like to wear them a lot and it really irked me that they were so low as to steal that. Now the things that really made me blow my top is the fact they STOLE MY SCALLOP-PUNCHER. Miss SitSit reckons one of ‘em was probably a scrapper as I am and knowing how deprived TI can be when it comes to crafting supplies, my scallop puncher was probably the highlight of the loot! I was just so angry. Why didn’t they leave my f*cking scallop-puncher alone??? Now I gotta shell out another RM120 to get a new one when mine was pretty new and we’ve connected! I mean what’s a used scallop-puncher worth anyways?? That was just really mean of 'em.

So it’s:
- 13” Sony Vaio laptop
- Sony digital camera (me Sony girl)
- iPod Nano
- portable DVD player
- scallop-puncher
- thick-rimmed spectacles

In the end…. I know they’re just things. I’m very fortunate, I guess, to not be around during the theft or I could have gotten myself into quite a sticky situation. But what SERIOUSLY pains me is the fact I lost all my data (YES-LAH ME MORON ME DIDN’T BACK-UP OK) in my laptop and most of all my engagement and marriage registration pictures in my camera which is the worst ‘cos I was gonna use all those images for my wedding montage. Besides they were records of milestones of my life. You just don’t get replicas of shizz like these no more.

Dear Mr / Mrs Thieves,

In case you’re reading my blog I would like to make an appeal… I mean you did take all of my stuff. Just a small request if it’s not too much trouble: could you pretty please burn me a copy of the last 100 pictures in my Sony Memory Stick and put the CD in my postbox? I’m sure you do intend to get married, if you’re not married already, and documentation of that day is somehow incredulously important. I’m not asking for my sh*t back, just the pictures. I’ll remember to credit you in my montage under graphics.

Still hopeful,
Sad Bride-to-be Shelby

Dear people who support the thieving industry,

I understand, sometimes you want something pronto but you just can’t pay the full price for it. So you try to get the real deal ‘second-hand’ which is fine too. But let’s just say that Pink Sony T-series camera / Memory Stick happen to contain images of a girl that looks much like me, do send a shout out. We can meet up, I can copy the pictures from you and you can get the memory stick back. It will be a win-win situation ‘cos you get to clear your conscience and I get my memories in return.

Always hopeful,
Sad Bride-to-be Shelby

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