Sunday, January 31, 2010


This song is so very very very very cool.

Owl City: BIG LOVE.

I play this song over and over again in my post natal ward to take a break from writing discharges and transport myself into the glow-in-the-dark Pandora-like universe where I'm travelling in a glass bubble elevator looking into a world where ten million fireflies lit up the world as I fall asleep.

"Please take me away from here..."

"To ten million fireflies
I'm weird 'cos I hate goodbyes
I got misty eyes as they said farewell..."

Thursday, January 28, 2010

taipei touch my heart (part 05): miramar

It's highly helpful if you can read Chinese 'cos the English version of the Taipei MRT map is rather outdated and new additional lines like the ones leading to Miramar is not listed on that one. Which explains our f*cking expensive cab ride to Miramar!! ^%$#@*

Miramar's a shopping complex located in a newly developed area just a little outside the city centre. Somewhat like London Zone 2. I do quite adore it... very serene and spacious. Almost like Liverpool St George's Hall pebbled walks in summer. Oh and guess what I found just wandering about after our hefty meal at 5-Dime Boathouse??

The notorious WeGo sex-tique hotel / love motels!!

I call it 'sex-tique' 'cos it's really a boutique hotel for a quick cheeekawahwah ;D No... I don't mean Lorong Haji Taib or Geylang sorta shacks... I mean multiple uber chic-ly themed rooms for rent on a 3 or 12 or 24 hourly basis. It all started with the crazy Japs and their kinky delights but it became such a thrill and novelty that Taiwanese wives actually beg and drag their not-so-reluctant-I'm-sure spouses for a hot sweaty affair there. If I hadn't paid the extra night at my current crap-ass hotel I would've gotten a 12-hour stint at that French (or was it English Rose) boudoir with a SWING. A SWING WTF. Mmmy was real cool 'bout it... totally onboard despite me explaining to her that we were prolly gonna get weird looks from whores and not the other way around.

I'm coming back!!

We Go Funtel (you gotta check their website for addresses 'cos I totally cannot read Chinese) 
11, Jing Ye San Rd (next to Miramar mall Ferris wheel)
Tel: (02) 8502-7000

This is the why I came to Miramar! It's enough a reason to me.

I love ferris-wheels. Just as much as I love JCo yoghurt ice-cream and musical boxes and Japanese cotton and peonies and red velvet cupcakes and Glee and clouds and unicorns and Care Bears' stare and Chanel and poker-straight hair and Tiffany + Co and rainbows and teacup poodles and bows and gladiator sandals and Royal Albert china... well I could go on and on and on but I'm sure you know what I mean.

We had to wait half an hour for the floorless capsule but...

... it was definitely worth the wait 'cos *whistle* how sick is that view??
(N.B Gross Alert: That few blobs of menses stains on my Uggs are results of me not having a pad in the plane. Tip: ALWAYS carry a pad in your handcarry when you're flying)

Kawaii sushi ad by Sushi Express :)

Steppin' on yellow taxi cabs (for all the overcharges!).

Taipei 101 between my fingers.

Miramar's really cool. The exterior is very zen and it doesn't hold too many labels. I did my Muji shopping there though so it was nice for me. We had the rest of the evening to kill before heading back to Shihlin (yup Shihlin AGAIN) so I decided to go to Taipei 101 'cos we gotta... I mean it's like doing a KL tour sans Petronas Twin Towers if we didn't.
No. 20, Jingye 3rd Rd.
Taipei City
MRT: Jiannan Road Station

Wikipedia: Taipei 101 (traditional Chinese: ε°εŒ—101 / θ‡ΊεŒ—101), also known as the Taipei Financial Center, is a landmark skyscraper located in Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan. The building was the world's tallest (with occupiable floors) until it was surpassed in height by the Burj Khalifa on July 21, 2007. The skyscraper was officially the tallest building until the opening of the Burj Khalifa on the 4th of January 2010. 

Taipei 101, designed by C.Y. Lee & Partners and constructed primarily by KTRT Joint Venture and South Korean Samsung C+T received the 2004 Emporis Skyscraper Award and was hailed as one of the Seven New Wonders of the World (Newsweek magazine, 2006) and Seven Wonders of Engineering (Discovery Channel, 2005). The tower has served as an icon of modern Taiwan ever since its opening. Fireworks launched from Taipei 101 feature prominently in international New Year's Eve broadcasts and the structure appears frequently in travel literature and international media.

Taipei 101 comprises 101 floors above ground and 5 floors underground

I personally find Taipei 101 to look a tad odd. But who am I to comment? I'm no engineer... I do, though, prefer my couple of cornstalks back home ;) Taipei 101's really supposed to resemble pagodas / bamboo / stackable ingots with this giant ball aka damper at the base of the structure to help it balance during earthquakes and typhoon. Ah Preto told me 'bout the clever usage of the damper... when it sways to the left the damper rolls to the right to create stability. Brilliant hor? I still think it looks like a lipan = centipede.

Dress: Taipei boutique
Jeggings: Uniqlo
Sling Bag: Dior
Bag: Le Sportsac

This is Baby Damper: the main mascot of Taipei 101. Pretty fly for a red guy!

I was too cheap to pay RM50 each to go up, since it was dark and drizzling and all, so this was the best picture with the tower we could take. Still, pretty romantic, non?

I spotted this special shop on the way out.

All display pieces cost a bomb and are bought mind you. WTF. I should learn to make these ear cups and make me some kachings!

MRT: it's not near any station so I suggest you get a cab

Monday, January 25, 2010

so that story about my ring

So that story about my ring (which happened last year December)

When I was just a wee bit younger and (probably) didn’t know any better I was adamant that if my boyfriend didn’t accessorize his proposal with a QQ (I love this word!! It’s really “cute-cute” in letters… I think some Cina girl invented it but it’s such an adorable term :D) turquoise*cough* Tiffany *cough* ring-box he might as well not bother. I wanted to be Charlotte when she was with Dr Trey MacDougal. I wanted to be the girl who stands in front of Tiff & Co with her beau and he goes… “Maybe we should go in and choose something for my wife *wink*”. Aaaahhh...

And then I got into a REAL relationship where words like salary, housing loan, financial planning and….. BUDGET (horrors!!) started to exist. I had to do a JLo and ‘Get Real’. Maybe it’s the lurrrve thing that consumed me into not wanting to tax on him too badly despite my desire for a F*CK-OFF diamond! We’re gonna be paying for the house (yup we've got a home, tell y’all more about that later) and with his government salary it’s just not realistic to get something so small at the price of a Kenari!

How much was it-ah??

Quote XiaXue, “ ... since the 'market rate' is 3 months' salary... ” Unquote.

For my Ring-Buying experience *click here*

Guy later told me he had to empty a big chunk of his savings for that ring. I felt pretty awful about that (for a short while). I was quite sorry he had to go through such an ordeal but he said he could handle it and that it was all worth it if I was really happy with the ring. Also that if it took some ass-selling to get me to wear a ring around my finger and show the world I'm taken, he'd do it *wink* And really happy with the ring was I. I know that people say love cannot be measured with money but when Guy banked that money into my Mmmy's account, I really knew that he loves me (to freakin' death weeeee *squeals*) much.

"You could buy me diamonds
You could buy me pearls
Take me on a cruise around the world
Baby, you know I'm worth it..."

... A Woman's Worth, Alicia Keys ...

Friday, January 22, 2010

day 01 post-burglary

There’s only 1 thing to do after your house have been broken into: clean up! The house was in a mess. They went through everything including Kuan Yin’s altar (landlord’s). Did they think there was gonna be treasures in between incenses and paper ingots?? Perhaps they’ve been through houses who did those stuff. They must have been pretty experienced. Every pocket and every pouch and every page of book in the house was rummaged through. They didn’t spare the pots and pans either. I had a stupendous time cleaning up my room. I didn’t know where to start. Everything was everywhere… they literally tore the place apart. The obvious things that were missing were my:

- 13” Sony Vaio laptop
- Sony digital camera (me Sony girl)
- iPod Nano
- portable DVD player


When the policeman asked me for an estimation for the loss yesterday, I was personally surprised that RM8000 just flew outta the window. That’s 80 oncalls to make up for things. That’s 7 months of non-stop EOD (every other day meaning Monday, Wednesday, Friday etc…)!!

When I started to really put my things back into place flashes of the phonecall from my housemate started to play like a broken record. I had just gotten out of the OT (Operation Theatre) and was beat. I don’t usually take phonecalls but since it was rare that my housemate called me so I answered.

Ah Seng:
Uhh… I just got home and I think our house got broken into. Everything’s in a mess.
moi: HUH?? WTF.
Ah Seng: Do you think you lost anything?
moi: (OMG I hope the burglars didn’t steal my CNY kuih bakuls + chicken biscuits… I just bought my CNY supplies, like, yesterday!! F*CKKK WTF ARE YOU THINKING BOUT YOUR STUPID CNY COOKIES… FOCUS FOCUS!!) Uhh.. d-d-did they uhh take me l-l-laptop? It’s always on the floor.
Ah Seng: Your place is in a mess but I don’t see any laptop.
moi: Yea I’m sure they took it. Sh*t. I’ll try to come home now.

Well turns out they also took my spectacles. Which is bloody weird ‘cos they were just a pair of cheap China-mari glasses. Just that I really like to wear them a lot and it really irked me that they were so low as to steal that. Now the things that really made me blow my top is the fact they STOLE MY SCALLOP-PUNCHER. Miss SitSit reckons one of ‘em was probably a scrapper as I am and knowing how deprived TI can be when it comes to crafting supplies, my scallop puncher was probably the highlight of the loot! I was just so angry. Why didn’t they leave my f*cking scallop-puncher alone??? Now I gotta shell out another RM120 to get a new one when mine was pretty new and we’ve connected! I mean what’s a used scallop-puncher worth anyways?? That was just really mean of 'em.

So it’s:
- 13” Sony Vaio laptop
- Sony digital camera (me Sony girl)
- iPod Nano
- portable DVD player
- scallop-puncher
- thick-rimmed spectacles

In the end…. I know they’re just things. I’m very fortunate, I guess, to not be around during the theft or I could have gotten myself into quite a sticky situation. But what SERIOUSLY pains me is the fact I lost all my data (YES-LAH ME MORON ME DIDN’T BACK-UP OK) in my laptop and most of all my engagement and marriage registration pictures in my camera which is the worst ‘cos I was gonna use all those images for my wedding montage. Besides they were records of milestones of my life. You just don’t get replicas of shizz like these no more.

Dear Mr / Mrs Thieves,

In case you’re reading my blog I would like to make an appeal… I mean you did take all of my stuff. Just a small request if it’s not too much trouble: could you pretty please burn me a copy of the last 100 pictures in my Sony Memory Stick and put the CD in my postbox? I’m sure you do intend to get married, if you’re not married already, and documentation of that day is somehow incredulously important. I’m not asking for my sh*t back, just the pictures. I’ll remember to credit you in my montage under graphics.

Still hopeful,
Sad Bride-to-be Shelby

Dear people who support the thieving industry,

I understand, sometimes you want something pronto but you just can’t pay the full price for it. So you try to get the real deal ‘second-hand’ which is fine too. But let’s just say that Pink Sony T-series camera / Memory Stick happen to contain images of a girl that looks much like me, do send a shout out. We can meet up, I can copy the pictures from you and you can get the memory stick back. It will be a win-win situation ‘cos you get to clear your conscience and I get my memories in return.

Always hopeful,
Sad Bride-to-be Shelby

Thursday, January 21, 2010

the night post-burglary

It is possible people could have thought I had less than a care in the world for my things since I hardly took time to mourn over my loss.

Perhaps I didn't look as if I just lost my world when in actual fact I really did lose my universe. Don't you all already know how much I love my belongings?? My stuff were my family!! Some people have dogs, some people have Befrienders, I have my things.

I just didn't have much of a time to sympathize with myself. Work was just too taxing to leave any room for worry. The night post-burglary was the most difficult struggle. Everyone did offer to take me in for the night but I just figured it silly to cramp into someone else's abode when you have a house of your own albeit an empty one. Besides a thief never hits a house twice right? Right?? It was pretty convincing until I sat in my room motionless in silence. No laptop to access my 'Yahoo! Mail' or look up old pictures on my digital camera while listening to my iPod or have a DVD running in the background. And then it struck me. The loss started to sink in: how hard I worked for money to buy my things and now how hard I gotta work to buy new ones. Miss ThamTham told me a story of her aunt who's place got broken into and the thief actually looked through the pictures in the digital camera and made a comeback demanding for a necklace he saw in one of the images. I had just taken multiple pictures of my engagement ring for my next blog entry and now the paranoia is killing me. It made me furious. It made me furious that the thieves had put me in a position of such vulnerability that even what I wear is governed by fear. It’s ridiculous. And most of all it isn’t fair.

Tears welled up in my eyes and well I lost it-lah. Period. Drowning in paranoia and insecurity, I called to Guy for reassurance. He asked me if I was afraid. I told him I was pretty cool about it all but all of a sudden I turned scaredy-cat. That I wasn’t that strong trunk I thought I was. That I used to be this willow tree or maybe banyan… I quite like the banyan tree… OK straying from the topic… but with him I’ve allowed myself to be dependent on him for security.

(msg at 21:00)
Guy: Goin there now…. Don’t say don’t. I am damn worried bout ur safety

He arrived at 2300 just in time to tuck me in to sleep and got up to leave at 0300 in the morning the next day to drive back to KL for work. I was lost for words. How could I not love him? I slept well that night… or at least well enough. I’ll take each night as it comes.
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