Monday, December 27, 2010

paris je'taime: laduree

The best part about Paris :)

This is my wonderland.

My sanctuary.

The latest craze: John Galliano macaroons. Tres fabuleux!


I apologize for the quality of the pictures because the pastry counter is pretty dimly lit and they strictly didn’t allow for pictures to be taken. I did, though, manage to sneak afew for you cupcakes so feast your eyes on this dessert paradise!

A Laduree macaroon tower. Oh how I wish I could have had that for my wedding!

The queue here is endless. Even at 20:45 people are still lining up for macaroons!

Make sure you check what meal times they’re at ‘cos we thought we were there for dinner but turns out it was the tea menu. They only start prepping for dinner at around 8-ish.

I know they’re just paper placemats but they’re freakin’ Laduree placemats!! *gush* Me geek 8)

Had some Kir Royale (yum!) and bread to start. Love that they serve their cylinder butter wrapped in wax paper :D

I have an obsession to visit restaurant loos. I always feel that the character of a place not only revolves on their main dining hall decor but extends also to their restroom. If they paid attention to that, they’d most definitely pay attention to you as a guest.

Aaargh love the pink! The shade’s perfect :) So Marie Antoinette, non?

It’s so quaint upstairs. You can almost feel French bourgeois playing cards or reading a book as someone plays on the pianoforte.

The parentals had a duck confit salad.

I had a very fluffy omelette with chunky fries.

The star of the show is definitely Ispahan. It comprises of 2 macaroon shells housing fresh raspberries and ganache. The ‘morning dew’ is really caramelized sugar (... genius!). And I tell you it’s a bloody oral orgasm! The moment the crunch hits the peak of your molars and then the fresh raspberries squishes between the gums and the combination of flavours saturate your tongue... OMG OMG OMG... XO

Chocolate mice! *squeaks in delight* (pun anyone?)

I love them gargantuan macaroons. I love ‘em! I love ‘em!!


75 Avenue des Champs Elysées
Paris 8ème
Tel: + 33 1 40 75 08 75

Saturday, December 25, 2010

quote covent garden. merry kissmas. unquote

How excited am I! My cards arrived in the mail from Florida and it got me into such a frenzy 'cos it's sooo cute just as how I imagined it to be and terribly timeless :)

Here's wishing y'all

A Happy Christmas
A Merry New Year!

Friday, December 24, 2010

christmas giveaway

Hello again my babydolls!!

We're back with a Christmas giveaway with a surprise token I picked up in Brugge, Belgium just for you peeps. Did I really mean I popped by a shop and saw this really fun gift and thought I'd totally love to buy it for my readers? Heck yeah!

All you need to do is...

1. Tell me your '3 Favourite Christmas Things Come Christmas'

2. Get 2 friends to holla :O your name in the comments section (for qualification reasons)

3. You're good to go!

4. Eagerly wait to see if you win

Par example:

Comment 01:

Shelbybaby's 3 favourite Christmas things come Christmas:

1. Mulled wine
2. Stocking stuffers
3. Live Swedish Pine trees in IKEA

Comment 02: Lady Gaga holla for Shelbybaby :O

Comment 03: Justin Bieber holla for Shelbybaby :O

= Shelbybaby qualifies for giveaway! Yeayyy!!

This contest giveaway ends on January 5th, 2011 (as in the twelth day of Christmas) so hurry hurry and start rolling your list out. Winner will be noted via blog and email so don't forget to leave your email at the end of your list :)

"Sleigh bells ring, are you listening..."

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

my lanvin ♥ h&m experience!

(msg on 07 Nov)
Lanvin pour H&M out 23rd Nov. Get ready to fight.

I’ve been getting quite afew emails asking me how I made it to the event. Frankly, the whole purpose of attending Sophiekins’ graduation was a mere excuse to be in London for the launch of Lanvin ♥ H&M! I had already known the dates after stalking *ahem* fact-checking every single rumour and ‘leaked secret’ regarding this matter closely on the fashion blogosphere. We even adjusted our flight a couple of times! I was so excited for it... this time I was not going to live vicariously through my sister. This time, there wasn’t going to be a live video chat of watching her holding out stuff she managed to snatch (literally) as she recounts the sordid detail of what sounds like an absolutely gruesome affair. This time it’s me who’s scraping my hoof on the linoleum floor snorting vapour from my nostrils. This time it’s me, the savage in the battleground claiming shoes and accessories as my captives.

Watching the staff putting the lovelies in place the night before sent shivers down my spine.

I do believe I was one of the first few who managed to savour the window display before the mayhem the next day.

I ♥ this dress!! If I had to leave the store with only a piece, this would be it!

And boy those shoes sure look like they were made for walking X)

The night before we had a family conference to discuss our strategy and game-plan. Sophiekins and I briefed Mmmy and Dddy on the available pieces online and told them to look extra close so they could take a mental Polaroid on their favourite few so as to AT LEAST have a direction on that day and not bumble about like lost little lambs. They were gonna be surrounded by wolves and you know what happens when you put hungry wolves and little lambs together: little lambs GET EATEN! Sophiekins was well-versed with this situation from the Stella McCartney madness to the Roberto Cavalli insanity so she knew the ropes. H&M no longer practices the ‘open the floodgates’ system and have developed a so-called more civil way of shopping via wristbands. Basically the first few in the queue are entitled to fluorescent paper bangles that allow them to shop for a certain amount of time in priority to those at the end of the line. Sophiekins could not be bothered to wade the morning dew and insisted we would only start our journey over at 0830. We chose to go to Oxford Circus as there were 2 H&Ms approximately a stone’s throw from each other (Oxford Circus vs Bond Street) which we hoped would water down the crowd.

As we alight the tube I could already see girls with the Lanvin H&M paperbags on their shoulders. All I could think of was “OMG OMG What if everything’s gone?? OMG OMG What if we’re too late??” and started to sprint towards the shop. As I entered I could see a queue forming and rushed in to join the file. Just as we approached the velvet rope, a H&M girl tells us they will not be opening the line for non-wristband individuals until 11:15. It was 09:45 at the time. I cleared the path and just stood exactly 2 metres away from the original queue. I watched many disappointed souls (as I) running to the what seems like an empty slot in the original queue only to be turned down and told to return at quarter past 11. One of the girls recognized me just steadfast at my spot and tried to shoo me away by attempting to convince me to go grab a bite or shop around before coming back. Thing is, if I do leave the space, I would give up my imaginary spot to the others coming in, at say.. 10:20 and be shoved to the back of the line resulting in a loss of 40 minutes of waiting time. So I stubbornly stood there and the girl left exasperated. After awhile, a pretty Scandinavian(?) chick came up to me and asked me if this was the Lanvin queue. I pointed to the penned area and explained to her that THAT was the Lanvin queue but they were only allowing those with wristbands in. She proceeded to ask me what queue was I standing in. Turns out the wristband-less had started to form a queue behind me! I told her this was the ‘other’ Lanvin queue. She went “Oh OK!” and scurried to the back of 'my' queue. Our line started to build up quite an army. The H&M staff were aware of it but because we were so well-behaved and out of the way they couldn’t really do anything about it.

It was so torturous to see those with the wristbands allowed in again and again and AGAIN for repeated purchases. Some really took full advantage of their bands by queuing upstairs and then down and getting loads and loads of merchandise from both levels. Thing is, I get it.. it’s fair that the wristbandy people get full priorities when it comes to the first-hand pick of the lot but enough is enough and let us who’ve waited equally as long (just a little later... we missed the band only by 10 minutes y’kno) have a go! And everytime someone left to the cashier with my pink linen dress, it sent daggers through my heart... you definitely fear that your VIP (Very Important Purchases) actually sells out before you can make it in! So near yet so far *heavy sigh*

One of the H&M girls took pity on us and then signalled us to join the queue. All of us shrieked in joy and ran to join the others (who, mind you, have already bought a ton of stuff and were only there for,like, the 4th time(?!)). I had palpitation and started to optically zoom on the various spots... mentally strategizing on how I’m going to approach this. Muttering under my breath to Mmmy to literally attack what she wants before going for 2nd-most-preferred. She nodded and we were ready. I was gonna seize the canvas bags first before going to the pink dress, accessories and then a T-shirt or 2 if I can make it. Suddenly 2 American(??) b*tches starts making their way to the front demanding, really loudly at that, all of us to show our wristbands (knowing very well those of us at the back had none) as if we didn’t belong there and were in their way. She was SO rude to Mmmy and so I bloody yelled back at her, “HEY! GO RIGHT AHEAD YEA! NOONE’s blocking you!” We all rolled our eyes at them. Rude, obnoxious and terribly wretched souls they were. Don’t they know the fashion god is always watching ? I believe in karmic fashion-f*cking-retribution.

Anyhooters, as the last 10 seconds approach for us to get ‘let in’, we were told to countdown really loudly to inform those inside that WE WERE COMINGGGG :D Ahahahaha that was my favourite part!






The rest was a blur... I can only remember snippets of me grabbing (shoving, tugging and clawing) almost anything in sight, flipping the hangers to a recognizable size before pulling MY PINK DRESS into my arms and then prying boxes open and slipping the earrings under my armpit. Nobody paid much attention to the shoes ‘cos the red ones were long gone so I had the freedom to pick out the pair of black ones. I kepit that one between my thighs :D Juggling almost 15 items with just my 2 hands, I heard the next countdown and told myself “I better get the hell outta here before I get trampled over!” People started taking pictures of me balancing my shopping which I have to admit was hilarious. In the end, everything was so worth it ‘cos...

Here’s my Lanvin ♥ H&M haul!!

How was your Lanvin ♥ H&M experience?? Tell me tell me...!

P.S: A chance to purchase a Lanvin ♥ H&M dress with RM100 going to charity? Go *here*

Monday, December 20, 2010

martha's craft room

I'm seriously deliberating a craft room.

My house came with ALOT of built-in furniture that wasn't really my vibe but I figured "heck it.. free wardrobe and bed mah!". I cannot, for the life of me, comprehend what made me think that was a good idea. I even spent a darn sum fixing a rotten wardrobe door (result of a leaking ceiling) *loooooooong sigh* I believe more joy and use would come out of a craft room rather than an additional guest room. On the other hand, a part of me insists to be practical and keep it for future baby room use.

Life's so full of compromises sometimes it sucks!

Not that it's something Martha could relate to... check out her smashing (and terribly immaculate... I mean, like hell, how bloody clean can a room get?? Yeah well I guess since Martha's the President of The Housewives Club, tidiness IS her motto) craft room over at what seems like a loft. Loveliness!

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