Thursday, October 22, 2009

taipei touch my heart (part 03): din tai fung + 5 dime boathouse

A tip: you don't need to know loadsa Mandarin to survive the streets of Taipei, just enough:
left, right, straight, traffic light, excuse-me-please-help-me... and use the map with a dash of instinct!

We had to go visit Din Tai Fung (rated top 10 by The New York Times) of course, for their legendary xiao-long-bao. The queues are supposedly ridiculous, the food delicious and the patrons... politicians and celebrities wooo!!

We were there early morning on a weekday so the massive crowd had not poured in yet. Lucky!

This is Bao Zhai. Ayo so bloody kawaii,non? The cutey's Din Tai Fung's mascot :)

Steamed pork dumplings.

I ordered the minimal amount of 5 'cos Mmmy wasn't too hungry (we ate some roadside fare that was super yummy while getting lost trying to get here). My MO told me if the xlb turns out to be empty aka soup-less due to a leak or whatever, they'll substitute you a new one on the house. Also each and every xlb is weighed to ensure they all have the same amount of isi. Crazy cool huh?

The correct way to indulge in a xlb! Seriously!

Every table has a cloth bag-stand to hold your handbags (pretty securely) while you dine. It's a brilliant idea! The waitress never fails to remind you to put your belongings away for safekeeping before covering your stand with a large napkin. Delightful!

7-Prosperity or something like that *shrug* glutinous rice dessert..

We were sitting around waiting for the souvenir shop to open when...

... we spotted these uber fantastic Alexander McQueen jelly flats all blinged-up at a shop just beside!! They really are Cinderella glass slippers!


Din Tai Fung194 Shin Yi Rd
MRT: Zhongsiao Dunhua

Xie Li-Xiang plays with the word 'daydream', 'fantasy', 'resourceful', 'driftwood', 'adversity', 'spectacular', 'ceramic', and most of all 'unique'. She was a self-taught architect who lived out her air sandcastles literally. She converted her first construction into a restaurant to help fund further projects.

She named it The 5-Dime Boathouse and everything is built from driftwood, huge trees and ceramics.

To me, the moment I stepped in, I felt as if I was transported into a building warp that was seemingly very Gaudi and Australian aboriginal art. It was a very intriguing experience!

The batik settee was highly comfortable and very much exotic.

When you order dishes, you get these complimentary. Super worth to eat there-lor. Even the free rice (+ yummy delicate sweet potato), pickled passionfruit and vegetable soup is so darn sumptious!      

Tender beef + asparagus stir-fry.

I. AM. SO. IN. LOVE. This is, like, the best thing I've eaten in Taipei!! It's a cold dish of scallop + dragonfruit + cheese in a tomato cup drizzled in passionfruit puree (YUM-YUMMMMMMM!!) and topped with a wee bit of caviar... *happy sigh*

I ordered a fruit tea which was delicious but turns out you do get a complimentary cold drink too. So you can so totally save on that if you wish. Their milk mochi is excellent :P I love that everything is served in large heavy clay. Mmmy knows I love rustic earthenware!

Toilette *giggle*

Check out her white Jap carps. It's the first I've seen.

Mmmy says not to show this to Dddy or he'd get too crafty ;)

Five-Dime Boathouse
8 Lane 32

Nei Hu Road Sec 1
MRT: Miramar


Cindy Khor said...

the fusion of the food that you had mentioned delicious looks good, and certainly am wondering what the taste would be like. but still, the most captivating shop would be the hello kitty one.

theeggyolks said...

those food makes me mouth watering~~i wish i was there..

shelbybaby said...

cindy: definitely difficult to imagine and even for me to describe. but definitely not the run of the mill sorta fare... hello kitty sweets?? so delightful hor!!

the egg yolks: i wish you were too :)

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