Friday, October 23, 2009

taipei touch my heart (part 04): shin kong mitsukoshi, modern toilet, ximending

Shopping Shopping Shopping... It's what (my) life is made FOR!!

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi... 'cos I saw some random advertisement of a Hello Kitty bike but couldn't locate it when I was there though I did feast my eyes on these goodies..!!

35th anniversary Hello Kitty Colors merchandise... woo limited edition stuff, ooh pricey stuff... I like the purple tumbler.

Now we're talkin', now we're seriously talkin': Hello Kitty 'Girl' fragrance!! Say Wooot!!

"A light, delicate, floral fragrance
A fruity fragrance with a hint of sweet chocolate

Top notes: red and green apple
Middle notes: cherry tree flowers, pulped jasmine pearls and coco balls
Base notes: sweet pralines, musk, power drops, vanilla syrup and candy sugar"

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Station branch
No.66 Sec. 1
Zhong-xiao W. Rd 

This is typical Taiwanese street style: bohemian, layers, hippy chic, blooms, nudes...

I am, like, so influenced by Taipei street fashion right now!! OMG I'm super crazy in love with the way they carry off even the most extreme (well, in my fashion bible at least) cases, i.e: harem trousers = as common as khaki shorts :) I mean we're talking Asians here and we can be absolutely hopeless when it comes to being bold. So anywaysss remember my favourite Tulip shop over at Shihlin? This is another of their outlet in XiMenDing and that one-piece in the middle? I shoulda coulda woulda bought it... damn!

According to PJ of 'A Touch of Blusher':
1. Many Japanese beauty items are cheaper in Taiwan (by about 5% and often more, depending on the brand).
2. There is usually not much delay in Japanese seasonal releases in Taiwan (many seasonal collections are launched almost simultaneously in Japan and Taiwan).
3. There are numerous GWP and value set events throughout the year with fantastic deals.

So all the more reason to do a Jap toiletries haul!

Woot woot! Or shall I say Poot poot!

XiMen is really XiMenDing. Aduhai.. I was almost confused with their MRT map. Well anyways, getting lost aside, can't exactly come to XiMenDing and not visit their infamous Modern Toilet made famous by massive forward mails and Cheesie. It took us a gazillion years to find that place but at least we found it.

"In the beginning, we mainly sold ice cream – a big pile of chocolate ice cream sold in containers shaped like a squat toilet. This humorous spin became a great success. After much planning from all of our partners, we finally took the first step towards realizing our dreams in May 2004 with the launch of the “Marton Restaurant”. The restaurant immediately caused a stir in Taiwan with its humorous “out-there” design. At the start, many people peered in at the restaurant trying to figure out what we were selling – then had a big smile on their face when they finally worked it out. By continuing to come up with great ideas and making improvements on old ones, we have expanded over the past few years from just ice cream into a fully-fledged theme restaurant with stores all over Taiwan. Now we're known as Modern Toilet."

Shower decor, tub tables, bowl seats, sh*tty lighting (pun intended keke) came together to make this interior:


People leave love notes in the table-tubs.

Yea, I didn't bother with that 'cos we've got truckloadsa those in my hospital toilet... and I don't need to pay for 'em!

Our big bowl of crap / poo / call it whatever you want.

Drinking from the urinal. Mmmy gagged at, like, every sip she took from the straw which inadvertently made me feel slightly nauseated and then I started gagging!!

Me likes!

Modern Toilet
2F., No.7, Lane 50
Sining S. Rd
Tel: 02-2311-8822
MRT: Ximen

All these are knitted by a guy!~! Seriously. I watched him with my own eyes. 

I really love the crochet tea sets... ayo really regret tak beli... adoi.

There's a mini mall in the middle of XiMenDing that houses Vivienne Westwood and local Taiwanese indie labels which are terribly CUTE!! It has just so many many lovely stuff :)

Like this Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani fragrance line that is so much cheaper than back home!

These are mini Harajuku Lovers. I got G for myself... glee!!


Never one to get lost in the crowd, G leads her crew in a white, corseted top and a blue miniskirt รก la Alice in Wonderland. Quirky, unique, and undeniably cool, G is the leader of the pack. Her scent is an oriental, fruity, gourmand fragrance with notes of fresh coconut, jasmine, and cotton woods.

Notes: Mandarin, Coconut, Apple Skin, Jasmine Sambac, Freesia, Magnolia, Coconut Cream, White Sandalwood, and Cottonwoods
Style: Tropical. Sunny. Distinctive."

I love Gladee! Kawaii ne!

I am cuh-razy 'bout this label: Cuteland. It's a local graphic indie label that strives to make the best art for the public. Their animated figures are exceptionally brilliant. The chick working there was so helpful to run down to the next building to get me my T-shirt size. Loves her and her cutey face!

These are what I got me and Guy!!So *gag* corny kan??
Ahahaha me likes!!


Anonymous said...

Blog walking. Hey I love HK too! I'm a kawaii stuffs collector! ;D

Aidyl said...

ohhhhh, Such an awesome shopping spree! and the food looks delicious~! seems like you've had a lot of fun! =)
i envy you~

shelbybaby said...

a dainty summer: hey babydoll!! taipei very very cutesy... hk too?? kawaii stuff collector *kam cheng*

aidyl: i know!! i seriously had big fun... please please envy me ;) it doesn't happen too often *giggle*

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