Wednesday, October 21, 2009

taipei touch my heart (part 02): shihlin night market

My 2nd destination and the 1st reason why I came to Taipei is...

To buy TRUCKLOADSA fancy costumes in Shihlin Night Market!!

Ever since I learnt of its existence via Cheesie's post *click here*, I was determined to make my way to Taipei to get myself cheap costumes. I'm an avid fan of playing dress up (if you don't already know *wink*) and I still don't have a Japanese schoolgirl uniform! I was all geared up to get one but in the end... I didn't get any :( The shop owner immediately detected my crappy Mandarin and decided to charge me the dreaded 'tourist price'. Damnit. She refused to budge and so I dejectedly turned away. So no costume this time... boo...

Taiwanese fashion style is a fusion of Hongkie messy-baggy-layerings and Korean pastel English print flutters. This fabulous shop sells the epitome of Taipei-ian style and I absolutely love it!! I don't know the name but I CAN recognize the window-box tulip decor. I personally call it The Tulip Shop. One tricky business 'bout shopping for threads in markets and regular street vendors is that their clothes are seemingly of free size (??) and there is no changing room. Basically you gotta roughly know your body and be realistic with what you could possibly fit into. Since I'm no stick-insect alot of my purchases were a big gamble. I won most of the time. Yeayy!!

The street style is cutting edge and their designs are definitely a world above ours. I especially loved this shop which had military inspired Lego-like cartoon characters. I regret forgetting to get a polo T-shirt for Guy.

My sole videogame arcade weakness.
Mmmy forbade me to play. Crappers. Just look at the brilliant catch (pun intended). Aaargh!!

OMG. So *bisou* worthy. Mmmy talked me out of getting a pair. Guess I tend to forget I'm 28.

Mmmy's a crazy Taiwan channel stalker on Astro so you can imagine her obsession with wanting to try out everything she'd seen on the tele. 

I figured this is one of them with snippets of his stall (featured on that Taiwanese 'Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan' kinda show) on permanent rerun at the stall's tele. It's called Small-Sausage-Wrapped-in-Big-Sausage(?) which is really a Taiwanese sausage wrapped in an outer sticky rice 'sausage' filled with condiments like pickle etc... Yum!

This drink is called Frog Eggs. Goodness knows why. It's really a lemon jelly drink except that their lemon appears to be a bizarre hybrid of lemon AND lime making it taste extra zingy. Still.. yum!

Stinky Tofu! Doesn't take a genius to figure out why it's called so. It seriously is pretty foul-smelling. But damnit does it taste good! It comes with unlimited special chilli+tauchu bean sauce supply. Mmmy says she finds this stall quite familiar looking (Astro alert!). An acquired taste but Yum!

Such an epic Shihlin dining experience: having stinky tofu while overlooking an immense stretch of pedestrian crossing and gargantuan MRT station stop.

We were hunting for Mmmy's ultimate desire: oyster mee-suah but were directed here instead.
This is NOT oyster mee-suah, it's JUST mee suah, Ay-Chung mee-suah that is, but it has been here since 1975 so we figured a trial can't be wrong.

Modern day mee-suah haunts: flat screen tele with cubicle seats. You eat your mee-suah while holding your bowl up, like how they did in the old days, except now there's digital entertainment and everyone's on their mobile phones.

Undeniably sumptious. No wonder they lasted all the way into the millenium. Yum!

Their fruits are excellent and especially juicy. Just don't get duped into being charged a 'tourist price'. I was. Damnit WTF. Still, don't leave Taiwan without tasting their persimmons, rock melons and mangoes. That and this bizarre drink...

White Bittergourd Juice.
This lady makes it really nice. Tangy bitter taste with a boot of sugar to make the medicine go down.

Continuing our 'adventure' (I say adventure 'cos we literally trekked the entire food court in freakin' circles and my mood was turning fouler than a stinky tofu by the minute) in search of that elusive oyster mee-suah, we found a stall in the Shihlin food court selling that ware. Weird but you'd think oyster mee-suah would be abundant in Taipei given it's famous reputation but no wor.. Anyways that measly piece of seafood was a poor excuse for an oyster. No yum.

Forcing a smile post-oyster-mee-suah disappointment. Turns out the good one is in XiMenDing. Crappers. Missed-lor.

On the way out we saw a long queue forming in front of this stall. People were waiting in line in spite of the heavy drizzle. I needed to know why.

Turns out it was an XXX Fried Chicken stall called Hot Star that was crazy famous. I didn't really like the chicken though. It had a funny smell and taste. I threw half of it away. I actually think our XXX chicken tastes better *shrug*

You gotta taste authentic Special(?) Milk Bubble Tea. It's like regular bubble / pearl milk tea except their milk is different. Very candy-like. SO YUM!

Shihlin Night Market
MRT: Jiantan Station Exit 2


Dorothy said...

shelbybaby! what a cute blog! and i am SO jealous you are in taipei right now?! i LOVE taipei! and superfunny; i am going to be schoolgirl sailor mars for halloween! i just put together a japanese schoolgirl uniform here in the US. btw since you are in taipei have you visited Hello Kitty Sweets yet?! im def going to post up three apples posts soon, but until then:

Big Boys Oven said...

heheheheh shelby, wish I were in Taipei too, looks so awesome fun!

shelbybaby said...

dorothy: thank you for coming over :) woooo sailor mars! my kinda chica hehe.. i have visited hello kitty sweets: it's serious heaven omg..!!

bigboysoven: hey y'all!! it IS awesome fun except for the communication part. but still fantastic nonetheless!

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