Tuesday, October 20, 2009

taipei touch my heart (part 01): hello kitty sweets

Still reeling from my Taipeinization ;)

J' seriously adore that place. The shopping is so good. The food is pretty yums. The girls are SO hot with killer style. Seriously. Not label whores like the Japs, better put together and more colourful than Hongks, braver than the Sings, more diverse than M'sians... it's only Koreans that I am unsure of 'cos Koreans are crazy stylo-milo too!

After 4.5 hours of zero entertainment, endless boredom and crappy food... we finally landed!! Chatting on air is crazy mundane (I'm sure you've heard or read somewhere 'bout the new AirAsia entertainment feature) if everyone else on the flight is as interesting as a garden slug or absolutely old. Doesn't matter, I was too tired anyways: just finished a tiring work shift and spent the entire night doing last minute research on Taipei.

Note to those who know not Mandarin, it is advisable for you to research thoroughly on the places you wish to visit especially the address (road name and nearest MRT station as well as exit is extremely important) and opening times 'cos Taipei-ians hardly speak Anglais and have crazy opening hours. It's better to have a relatively vague picture of where to head to rather than wander around like a crazy headless chicken. The shops + markets (apart from 24-hour convenience stores) usually open close to noon but some of them hold out 'till 15:00... though they do close pretty late to make up for it.

Anywayyys, if you've just renewed your passport, like moi, do bring your previous copy of passport 'cos a fresh passport can be quite disturbing to immigration officers and they tend to be a little lengthy on the interrogation. I brought mine so they had zero qualms as to if I was gonna 'jump aeroplane' or not. Instead the officer was super keen on my profession and asked me a couple of work-related qs. It was fine. My minimal Mandarin sufficed.

From the airport you can either take a shuttle-bus to the main station, which if I'm not wrong, is free or take a cab. We took a cab.

There is no coupon system. You just go towards the taxi stand and get on one. It's pretty pricey and they've got additional charges on top of distance. Either that or I got duped. It's about NT$2000 to get to XiMen where my hotel is: Chairman Hotel. Nothing much to shout about. 'Twas a recommendation from AirAsia for 'affordable accommodation' (I booked mine at about RM120 per night) which turned out to be a old budget motel with beds as hard as chopping boards. Apart from that it has the basic necessities and is relatively clean so... OK kua. Don't skimp too much on hotels if you can, you really need good rest with all the walking and a good bed is luxurious at the end of the day.

My 1st destination and the 2nd reason why I came to Taipei is.....

Burning with anticipation yet??......

Yes... we've arrived at The Mothership!!
Je presente: Hello Kitty Sweets!!

Oui babydolls, we are home...

You may hyperventilate / drool / go outta your mind now. I permit you.

There is no way you cannot like this place. There isn't. It's just a really really magically charming place. You could even say heavenly. This is the cafe's window display.

Luscious purple seats with lovely Kitty tiles. Check out the waitress' uniform.

Imagine hosting a party here. Aaargh!! It's like having your wedding at The Plaza!!

Chocolate Hello Kitty seats... oooh.

Hello Kitty chandelier! Aaah..

Where the magic is made :)

The restroom mirror is the slimming sort. Super!

Check out the placemats and super kawaii-cool napkins. I took as many napkins and stuffed them down my bag (or bra?) as I kiasu-ly could. Mmmy was thoroughly embarassed. I was the least bit bothered. These are Hello Kitty serviettes and you ain't gonna get 'em anywhere so what's a wee bit of klepto anyways?

Fruit tea. More fruit punch-like. Bon Yum-Yum. Seriously.
I'm not saying it just 'cos it's a Hello Kitty fruit tea. Or maybe I am?

Mmmy's berry juice. Bon Yum-Yum too.

I kept thinking to myself: Whoah Hello Kitty burger nyamnyamnyam... Whoah Hello Kitty french fry nyamnyamnyam... Whoah Hello Kitty onion + bits of lettuce nyamnyamnyam...

Complimentary cookie dessert.

I so so so so so so so so so so wanted to get a cake but I couldn't eat anymore.
All I could afford was to look at it in utmost despair...

Goodbye magical land of happy clouds and positive aura.
Goodbye magnificent cakes which I bet are bites of dreamy heavens. Don't wanna leave.....

Big thanks to Hungry Girl's Guide to Taipei and Dessert Obsessed for awesome information.

No. 90, Da An Road, Sec. 1
(near intersection of Da An Road and Zhong Xiao E Road, Sec 4)
Tel: (02) 2711-1132 
MRT: Zhong Xiao/FuXing

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kenwooi said...

wah everywhere hello kitty haha..
never been to taiwan before.. =)


Cindy Khor said...

ooo, that is such a innovative shop. i bet you must be really happy to be there

shelbybaby said...

kenwooi: you so gotta go!

cindy: i was!! omg you cannot imagine my thrill... the endorphins shot up exponentially :)

Dorothy said...

oh i see you've actually already been to hello kitty sweets! ahhh most amazing restaurant ever! i need to go back!!

shelbybaby said...

dorothy: we all need to!! :)

sweetiegem <3 said...

can i know where did u stay in taiwan?

shelbybaby said...

sweetiegem: i stayed in chairman hotel (airasia affilitated). it's such an old blogpost and i've just realized i never used to fill in the details i.e. addresses etc. will update this post and do so. hope this helps and thanks for the alert :)

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