Wednesday, September 09, 2009

thank you for the music

I discovered 'embedding' today. OMG I know. I'm an absolute freak! I mean, how do people know all these html-ey things?? I didn't. Well at least not 'till today. Speaking of freaks, today's a freaky day! 09.09.09 What's up with that?? Since we're well into freaks and all that I thought I'd say abit about Michael Jackson 'cos, seriously, only a freak can moonwalk!! Seriously. The guy's like a king of all freaks. J'mon, he married Presley's daughter! King of Pop marries King of Rock n Roll's kid!! If that ain't Freaky Friday I don't know what is. Before I get bombarded with MJ fans hate-comments I just wanna point out that 'freak' doesn't necessarily mean it's despicable, as in an American high school lingo kinda way... freak just means weird... different... unique... heck even I'm a freak *shrug* A pink freak though...

Well it's really terrible that MJ overdosed on Propofol. For all the time in my anesthesiology posting during my med student days 'till now when I'm assisting in the OT have I ever looked at the milky white liquid in a 'WTF' way. It was always just Propofol. Now it's 'Whoah Propofol: stuff that killed Legendary MJ'. I've been watching strings of E! True Stories on MJ and I suppose I can understand how it is that MJ came to the point of having to resort to big-guns sedative just to get a good night's sleep. As we all know, stars are constantly under pressure, apatah lagi mega stars! I'm not on his doctor's side but well... when a celebrity like Michael f*cking Jackson pleads / begs to you to help him to sleep via Propofol so that he can put on a good show the next day, it's well.. it could be quite difficult to deny his agony. I'm just saying *shrug* And given the life MJ had I suppose he's probably never really had a good night's sleep since he was 8 years old or something.

Tragedy aside, let's talk about my happy memories of him. Like.. I sang 'Heal The World' in front of the entire school assembly on Earth Day back in secondary school. Or the fact 'We Are The World' never fails to make me cry 'till today. And being blown outta my mind by his 'Black or White' music video. Also only discovering at the age of 19 what 'the kid is not my son' in Billie Jean actually meant. But nothing beats my juvenile experience... when I was in young, say 4 to 5 years old somewhat, I went through a weird phase of being absolutely LAZY when it came to taking baths. I just didn't like to do it. The parentals came up with all sorts of ways to get me to hit the shower and the most successful one being if I didn't go bathe at the designated time, gangsters in charge of our area is going to come take me away, chop my limbs off and ship me off to Bangkok for a begging career. That really hit the mark. I REALLY believed them. Dddy would have pretend conversations at the door out loud (I hear him 'cos I bathe with the door ajar for security purposes) and I have no idea how I'm never suspicious but it's always them thugs missing me by a hairline. Sometimes Dddy would add abit of drama and pretend to physically struggle with them while Mmmy played along to my utter horror, and he'd show up scuffled stating that he convinced them I had taken my shower. I was always so relieved! Man, now when I think of it, the old man deserves a darn Academy award: classic acting-lah!! Soon enough showering on time became a habit and I didn't need for Dddy to perform Broadway stunts no more. The parentals were so impressed they decided to give me a treat. After picking me up from kindergarten one day they handed me a brown-paper package claiming the gangsters came by to drop me gift as I've been a good girl and that they won't be coming round no more. I tore open the gift and my mouth fell to the floor: it was a colour-printed hardcover book of Michael Jackson (from Jackson 5 'till the 'Beat It' era). I was so touched.. as how touched 4 to 5 year-olds could be.. and looked up to the parentals in absolute awe of how the neighbourhood gangsters could even smell the fact I LOVE MJ.

That was the epic MJ moment for me and I'll never forget it ever.

Feel melancholy my children will not have the chance to see him alive.


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