Wednesday, September 23, 2009

richards of a feather..

Lil weird sh*ts that happen everyday!!

The family was out for breakfast at the hawker shop in Bangsar (loves loves loves their herbal mee suah soup!!) on a weekend, translation: fighting for tables with other weekend brunching families. We were each stationed at various seems-like-going-to-finish tables, y'know the ones with empty plates / bowls with half-drunk beverage or last-morsel-left-on-spoon sort, and Dddy managed to get one in the middle of the shop. Just as we both sat down to "chup" the place, I noticed from the corner of my eye that Dddy's back was against another chap who wore the same red shade as he. I thought to myself, "Fuyoh so merah meriah those 2." As I adjusted my stool, my eyes fell on the other fella's footwear: yellow Crocs!! That was when I instantly took a second take and went: WTF!! I elbowed Dddy and pointed out to him that he was seated beside a Mat Salleh who was wearing a red T-shirt and yellow Crocs just like him. The old man chuckled to himself and opened his newspaper. I bet the uncanniness was boiling inside him 'cos he turned around and poked on the guy's shoulder.

Dddy: *poke poke*
Other Man: *eating kolomee... pauses*Dddy: Nice uniform *does the one eye over*OM: *gives Dddy a long look and finally gets it* Yea yea!! (heavy English accent)
OM: Please, what is your name??
Dddy: Richard.OM: *looks wildly flabbergasted* *his wife(?) gasps*moi: WTF??
OM: *does a OMG-I'm-gonna-faint-on-this-tar-sidewalk-and-drown-my-face-in-that-murky-smelly-air longkang-puddle look or along the lines of MJ spotting* I'm Richard!Our family: WTF?????
moi: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, cannot be! Is this some kinda Richards official weekend wear??Dddy: Great men think alike.
OM: We should start a club :)
Damn bizarre-lor!!

I told Dddy go buy 4-digit number!! It's too weird.. thus it's a sign!!

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