Friday, September 04, 2009

project skinny b*tch (again)


I’ve started running again… even it’s just for 15 minutes. Baby steps babydoll baby steps.

You’re probably wondering how is it I don’t put mengada-ngada / centil / act cute pictures of myself on anymore. I have gotten FAT. I mean I was already FAT and then I got into a relationship became frumpy (choo-chiak-po) and BALLOONED into a pink panda. Serious stuff, don’t laugh :P

It’s come to such a crucial point that all my cute clothes are so freaking tight I just resort to shorts and T-shirt lately. I mean what exactly can pink pandas wear anyway? Horrors!

I figured enough is enough what with Shelbulous X’mas in 4 months time I’d be able to trim down just abit if I would just bloody start now! The plan started 2 weeks ago but I procrastinated and procrastinated and now it’s 2 weeks later. I told myself Monday will be the DAY of revolution but I defaulted… just couldn’t drag myself out of bed. Guess it’s seemingly impossible with my bedtime being 03:00-04:00. Guy has already started his 2 hour per day gym. F*ck. Can’t be the whale in this relationship! I’m supposed to be the thin, hip, hot one damnit! Today I made myself wake up. I dragged my reluctant thighs to my usual running field and started, well, running. I could tell my body was in absolute no shape. Come 5 minutes I was already feeling my pockets for the car keys. Frump-Moi wanted to go back to my comfortable coconut shell, snuggle in my very comfy very cheap RM25 fleece with the air-conditioning on. Stick-Insect-Wannabe-Moi refused to listen to excuses and pleas.

(mental conversation)
OMG I’m sooooo tired!!
SIWM: We’ve just started!!
FM: I can’t breathe! SOB SOB!
SIWM: Come on, we used to be able to do.. what.. an hour sometimes abit more. It’s only 2 minutes into it.
FM: I wanna go home..!
SIWM: No we’re running. Keep going. Just another song more. Pussy Cat Dolls are on. You like them don’t you?
FM: I don’t care about PCD. I don’t wanna run anymore.
SIWM: We’ve gotta run if we wanna get just abit thin.
FM: I can’t… I really can’t…
SIWM: Just 25 minutes more-lah!!
FM: DOWAN. And if you’re not gonna stop I’m gonna make you stop!
*guts rumble*

And I made a U-turn, hopped into the car and dashed home. It was a gruesome experience in the loo. I suppose it’ll take awhile to condition my body back to its running physique. Still I find it an accomplishment that I managed to START today which really matters. To me at least. It took me forever to get started. PROJECT Skinny B*tch ensues!

P.S: Gonna head over to Giant to get chicken breasts. Starting diet too today. Yeayy!!


Anonymous said...

x run. bad for the boobs. *lol*

brisk walk instead.


Cindy Khor said...

ya, let's start together, cuz i'm going on a diet too, and no snacks or dessert for me at all

shelbybaby said...

anon: taking your word of advice: power walking it is!! i love my bosom :)

cindy: oooh i do so miss Sainsburys / Tesco luxury / Waitrose treats. Dieting is such a b*tch!!

Fatham. Use your imagination said...

Shelby! Thanks for your good wishes :)

I have suggestions that helped me keep off the pounds:

1. jog in the pool - no sweat, more resistance, more fun, less stress on the joints - develop side abs REAL fast. TRy the training pool where it's only up to under your chest.

2. Eat more for breakfast, and almost nothing for dinner. Less carboh, more protein. I'm vegetarian, so that helped :D

Anonymous said...

agree wif Fatham. breakfast like king, dine like pauper.

- one of weilin's breastfren-


p/s: lovely red dress in yr profile pix. *thumbs up*

shelbybaby said...

fatham: will incorporate that when i do find a pool in ti. sounds so exciting. my knees are already starting to kill me and i'm only 28! wtf! almost nothing for dinner?? this is gonna be quite abit hard to make practice but i'll try. gotta try.

anon: that red dress is actually part of a snow white costume. an entry of it is available in one of my old archives. wah weilin's boobs sure is popular. i shud make mine more sociable too...! ;D

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