Saturday, September 26, 2009

long distance b*tchin'

I think Guy got a real good dose of The Original Shelby Cola this Raya. We were home on Raya ‘cos I just completed a stretch of nightshifts and chilled’ in front of the tele. I was crazy ecstatic to get to watch the MTV Music Awards ‘cos I usually don’t have a tele and when I’m home, nothing good is ever on. The line-up was so f*cking good this time around!!

Lady Gaga is Queen (notice pun?)!!

LOVES the bleedin’ end (notice pun?)!!

I don’t think Guy has truly seen my behaviour around my family. The parentals are used to my quirkiness and me jumping around like a hooligan, not sure if my boyfriend has ever seen me attempt the moonwalk or yelling the lyrics out to Taylor Swift songs or just doing crazy jumping jacks to ‘Paparazzi’. Guy’s more of a subdued, in the background person. I’m surprised he didn’t get a myocardial infarct when he saw what he had gotten himself into: crazies!! It sure seems like Guy still has got a lot to learn of my wondrous multiple personality self. I blame it on the fact we’re separated by vastness.

Long distance relationship is such a b*tch. And we aren’t even that far apart from each other! Yet the 5-hour-drive geography is excruciating. I don’t know how people can have a transatlantic connection and only meet say once in a couple of months. I don’t think I have that sort of strength: Salute LDR veterans!! I used to tell myself I don’t believe in long distance relationships and what do we have here now? I look at couples who are a stone’s throw away from each other, who get to take their first blinking of their loved one every morning, and sigh to myself in envy. I wish we could get to each other this easily too.

How did y’all survive through LDRs?

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Fatham. Use your imagination said...

I feel you! My LDR is killing me slowly, but the boy is very very patient and extremely sweet. We do skype marathons, I mean, we literally have skype on 24 hours a day over the weekends. We miss each other terribly, but what can we do?

I'm one of those transatlantic couples - as transatlantic as you can get I suppose - US and SG. We usually meet every 4-5 months for a few weeks, but I did get to see him over the summer for 3+ months!

It bites but I guess it's a really good test of the couple's commitment to each other? After this stint, you will appreciate and cherish each other more! And never want to be apart ever again! :)

Hang in there!

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