Sunday, September 20, 2009

chelamat hali laya!

What (03:00 on 1st day) Raya means to a small town houseman on the last nightshift:

- 11-year old boys with fried corneas from self-made fire cracker accidents
- lullabied to blaring Raya songs (replayed again + again + again)
- 'balik kampung' Motor Vehicle Accidents rolling in by the minutes!!
- doing the joget dance with A+E staff nurses to Raya anthems on the radio
- stuffing faces with staff nurses' yummy home-cooked delicacies
- tons of diabetic ketosis acidosis cases as a result from raya cookies + rendang overload
- febrile / vomiting grandchildren that just came from 3-hour drives
- pour over acute gastritis cases from day before (last day of fasting)
- excruciatingly counting down the hours to 08:00 'cos then the morning-people can come over and take over the burden and the night-people can go sleep / eat / return to PJ

Speaking of the last bit, Raya also means:
- Shelbulous Raya deals at IKEA (OMG)
- sitting at the kids zone at the IKEA deli using stainless steel knives and plastic children forks (me yellow Guy orange) due to an absolute lack of space 'cos apparently every non-muslim wants to buy / eat something in IKEA on 1st day Raya

- getting friendly corningware food from my Raya neighbour (big thanks to Capt Muz!!)
- eating alot of rendang ayam and totally disobeying diet rules
- watching MTV Music Awards and absolutely dying with each performance :D


Cindy Khor said...

if only the raya mood here is as festives as in malaysia, i wouldn't mind at all, at least, i'm getting a holiday, but unfortunately, in the uk, they don't give a damn

shelbybaby said...

cindy: aww well at least they give a damn about halloween.. well abit more than ere maybe. but i'm sure the malays do. back in my uk heydays my friends used to have 'open house'-s well open rooms really 'cos of dormitory living but we had our share of fun! especially since you gotta use whatever you can get to make raya dishes.

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