Tuesday, August 18, 2009

shall be married?

“Most prob gettg engagd tis dec (small event, just family). Seems 2 fast n 2 easy huh.. Bt I’m thinkg thgs like tis shudnt b hard anyways. Love y’all”

So I’ve revealed my ‘Secret Project’ jeng jeng jeng!!

The Hello Kitty’s out of the bag.

A lot of people were mad at me for not making it public / Tweet whatnot…

(facebook msg)
“pls don't be angry. d 2 reasons y i have not made it an announcement is b'cos i didnt want y'all to think i'm a nut to think about marriage at such an early stage of the relationship. thing is, he really wanted to get married by march nx yr but i told him twas too soon plus loads of ppl wudnt be able to make it cos its in d middle of freakin nowhere in d calendar so i chose july so sophiekins cud make it and for others it's a good excuse for a summer holiday! clever, non? also despite d fact he bloody wants to marry me he has not OFFICIALLY propose and i would look like a double nut if i announce a save-a-date but i don't have a good proposal story (like miss chuachua's!!) to share. ppl might even think i'm dreaming up tis proposal myself :P so... yea. love you all!”

I do not want to overload tis site with crème de la crème kejagungan (corny) so I’ve developed a new ‘baby’ *drumroll* for engagement idea, wedding thoughts, the lot…

Shall be loved, Shall be engaged, Shelbymarried
Clever name or not? *wink*

See you there!


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