Friday, August 07, 2009

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At 12:34:56 07.08.09 today, I was in a Chinese coffee shop called Bandar Baru having pan mee while sipping on teh-o-peng and munching on their gloriously famous rojak… all the while my eyes stared intently at my new obsession: ‘The Fabulously Fashionable Life of Isabel Bookbinder’ by Holly McQueen. I had just gotten back from my new-found favourite tailor. I passed her some cloth to be made into handkerchiefs (engagement favours). I hope they don’t turn out too shabby *fingers crossed*. Anywayyys, Guy told me of this significant moment in time (123456789) last night while we were chatting on the phone as I drove back. We have not seen each other in 3 weeks (crucial moment of his current course and he needs to stay back to focus… it’s the longest we’ve not been around each other and horribly torturous but that’s another story) so Celcom’s our only portal of communication. Thank goodness Alexander Graham Bell created the telephone! We've come a long way since click dials. I told Guy it would have been nice if he was with me during which we could kiss on that particular instance. Sounds so dreamy and romantic hor? But instead I had lunch alone awaiting his arrival. He is such a tortoise on the road! I just want him to get over here quick ‘cos I miss him so much!

I’m on my first night duty in A+E (accident and emergency… basically trauma/ER) today. Feeling kinda fidgety-ish. Don’t really know how it’s going to be like. I guess probably somewhat similar to a normal day shift in the A+E just more workload. You cannot imagine what nonsense walks through the A+E door day in and day out. It’s, like, the people have no respect for the word EMERGENCY. Either that or they missed out on the Sesame Street episode when Big Bird taught, I dunno.. Snuffleopagus perhaps, the definition of urgent. Yesterday I was dead tired and even the new MO thought so too. We had 3 school buses filled with sniffling / coughing rugrats coming in for h1n1 screening. WTF. Alot of them weren’t even having a fever! They just got shoved and tah-pau-ed into a bus to the hospital. Some of ‘em even think it’s a freakin’ field trip. I do not know why there has not been a system set up regarding the screening of h1n1 in schools. It is unacceptable that perfectly fine children and young adults get dropped off at the A+E just ‘cos they’re having a common cold taking up attention from the very few doctors we already have and distracting us from acute myocardial infarctions (heart attacks), heavy MVA (motor vehicle accidents) traumas, appendicitis cases etc… I don’t know who’s doing what wrong but someone had better come out with something fast to counter this glitch.

“F*ck! Do something. Why don’t you do something?”
… Do Something, Britney Spears …

What were you doing at that moment in time?

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