Thursday, August 27, 2009

nominate me tolong




*rolls* *plays dead*


*nuzzle nuzzle*


*puppy dog eyes*


Nominate moi here!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

TOKYO trois: shinjuku harajuku shibuya

Good morning Tokyo or rather Shinjuku!

Nice view hor? *munch munch*


Love 'em petite tomatoes.

1st stop: arajuku. Takeshita street marks the beginning of arajuku. Real shame I didn't see any arajuku girls!! *boo*


Mmmy and I decided to be lion-hearts and brave the streets of Shibuya..!

Tokyo after-work crowd: like ants!

Yoshinoya: best grub on earth (in Tokyo for non-sushi eating travel partners like Mmmy... bleh)

Japs are so futuristic with everything even recycling!
I find their multi-level storey very whoah!

Why is it RM1 can't find me a decent phone here?? Japs are lucky ppl. With two 50sen coins they can... communicate! All we get is 2 IKEA karipap!
Outside Takashimaya.

Kawaii gatteaux!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

girlfriend shoes vs wife shoes

There are afew types of shoes.
One of which is the Girlfriend Shoes.
There’s also the Wife shoes.

This is an example of the Girlfriend Shoes. It’s high-fashion. Always a 3 inch minimum. Probably suede in fuschia (translation: it’s not worried about pediatric purge or Bolognese stain from a spurting pot over the stove) with say… some bling! or some reptile skin heel. Expensive of course… the cost of a houseman take-home-pay. Flashy and never unkempt. It’s bold and lives for the now: “You only live once!” “You could die tomorrow!” “Why wait?” The label on the sole/heel spells Louboutin, Choo or Blahnik . It’s carefree, sexy, independent and out all night. Favourite Friday night activity: clubbing, drinks with other heels.

The Wife Shoes on the other hand. It’s safe. Borderline frumpy (oops!). Could come with an orthopaedic insole (WTF). Usually canvas or umm… rubbery-plastic (those stuff Crocs are made of… eh I’m not dissing Crocs ah ‘cos they’re my life.. I’m just talking bout the material). It can try to be a little more snazzy by adding like, I dunno, a nice logo buckle or something but it’ll only make Girlfriend Shoes go “Umm… right. Whatever..” Starts conversations with the word ‘we’. Thinks about financial planning, insurance, mortgage… well weird boring stuff you get in Newsweek / Money Matters. Reads Martha Stewart books/magazines/website. Favourite Friday night activity: scrapping (it means doing up the scrapbook... cool new term made up by desperate housewives, literally), curling on the couch watching the tele with husband.

I’ve been popping more Mefenemic Acids than usual these few days. I keep getting headaches and my mood sure needs abit of a pick-me-up. A capsule of Euphoria please! Yesterday I went home ‘cos it’s my day-off. I updated the parentals about the progress of this and that and then the topic came to real estate. I’ve been urging them to look around for a place for me and Guy to settle down. We have decided to settle near my parents ‘cos:

1. I need to be home in the CITY. Anymore village or village-disguising-to-be-a-town and I will spontaneously combust.
2. If he gets posted outstation and I’m feeling super vulnerable (or horrors feeling needy when I’m preggers!!), I can easily cycle (on my pink Hello Kitty bike) or skip to the parentals and be reminded of my princess status.
3. When we go out of town, parentals can go check on the place. My shotglass collection could be worth quite abit who knows! We’ll never know ‘till I’m 60!

I don’t know how but our casual chit-chat started turning serious. Real-estate is NOT princess talk and any conversation that does not involve the words: cute, buy, vuitton is not the kinda conversation I wanna be involved in. Dddy became somewhat vicious and all facts-of-life-ish. He started jack-hammering about mortgage and downpayment. He lost me at ‘loan’ or was it ‘savings’ and my morale started spiraling downhill and I could feel a Morakot migraine building up! I’m not prepared for all these responsibilities. It’s, like, I barely walked in the Girlfriend Shoes and now my feet are shoved into Wife Shoes. I didn’t know what to think or say so I went quietly to the bathroom and puked. Yup I vomited all my stress out. It felt better but it also reflected on how freakin’ scared I was. I was not ready to embark into the journey of Becoming A Queen. I like being a princess. I just broke into my fuschia suedes. Being an adult sucks. I don’t want to grow up. I want to be a Toys ‘R’ Us kid. I want Guy and I to just live in a Mattel playhouse forever. Can’t that happen?? I guess not. What with our combined government servant peanut pays… I have to admit parting with insensible frivolities to substitute a tiny, simple home is not an easy change for me to come to terms with so easily. Guy has been a sweetheart and is so worried ‘bout me not being able to deal with so much sacrifice and change that he made it a point to constantly reassure me we’ll find a way to get through things. Bless him. I guess I really am growing up and with love comes responsibilities. It’s just that so much is happening in such a short time.

How did you cope goin' from Girlfriend Shoes to Wife Shoes? Did you have a footwear stroke?

Please tell...

Disclaimer: images courtesy of Hush Puppies , Christian Louboutin

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

shall be married?

“Most prob gettg engagd tis dec (small event, just family). Seems 2 fast n 2 easy huh.. Bt I’m thinkg thgs like tis shudnt b hard anyways. Love y’all”

So I’ve revealed my ‘Secret Project’ jeng jeng jeng!!

The Hello Kitty’s out of the bag.

A lot of people were mad at me for not making it public / Tweet whatnot…

(facebook msg)
“pls don't be angry. d 2 reasons y i have not made it an announcement is b'cos i didnt want y'all to think i'm a nut to think about marriage at such an early stage of the relationship. thing is, he really wanted to get married by march nx yr but i told him twas too soon plus loads of ppl wudnt be able to make it cos its in d middle of freakin nowhere in d calendar so i chose july so sophiekins cud make it and for others it's a good excuse for a summer holiday! clever, non? also despite d fact he bloody wants to marry me he has not OFFICIALLY propose and i would look like a double nut if i announce a save-a-date but i don't have a good proposal story (like miss chuachua's!!) to share. ppl might even think i'm dreaming up tis proposal myself :P so... yea. love you all!”

I do not want to overload tis site with crème de la crème kejagungan (corny) so I’ve developed a new ‘baby’ *drumroll* for engagement idea, wedding thoughts, the lot…

Shall be loved, Shall be engaged, Shelbymarried
Clever name or not? *wink*

See you there!


Saturday, August 15, 2009


Pink updates:

Bisou Rose:
- Yvette
- Raquel
- Aubrey
- Violet
- Georgette
- Simone
- Floreal
- Camille
- Jolette

Shall be loved, Shall be engaged, Shelby married:
Leanne Marshall
-Hello Kitty wedding

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

single no more = interesting no more?

Mash potatoes.

That’s what I’m turning into.

Absolute mush (with gravy on the side). Comfort, safe and the opposite-of-exhilarating food.

I guess when I read Lizzie's comment on one of my latest entry just yesterday it suddenly struck me: I’m turning into those lovey-dovey-cooey-glazy-eyed-caramel-coated sweet crap I used to dislike… not dislike entirely but it mainly made me go ‘eurggh’ and I’d skip the romantic sh*t and go onto the next entry!! But like all cooked porridge, nasi sudah menjadi bubur and I cannot find myself to go back to that state of angst and frustration I used to be in. I have to accept that I’m no longer single and no longer exasperatingly looking for love and excitement. Love is thrilling enough so I’ve discovered. For those who never knew, I have never had a boyfriend before Guy. I’ve had string of could-be-s or would-be-s or some wish-it’d-be-s *wink wink Edward Cullen* but never the real thing. I don’t know how to handle a relationship and I don’t know what it means to be a person’s girlfriend. I’m slowly learning now. Years of watching my other girlfriends have helped me get the feel of the edges but the whole grasp is still far off.

Weekends are no longer screaming opportunities to mingle and discover possible man-friends. Holidays are no longer cringe-worthy affairs. Outings with girlfriends take a cutback on numbers. Hanging out in front of the tele with the parentals is no longer a staple activity. Bridal magazines suddenly become new best friends. Super hot-shot concerts or massive blow-out parties are no longer a must-go. Work is not all that important and becomes just work. What I have turned into is sedentary and (don’t say it… don’t say it…. don’t say it….) BORING. There, I said it! Now I know why girls just suddenly disappear into some romance abyss when they trip over the love-log. It’s quite consuming this relationship thing… you plan to spend every single second and breath together, you put away all your favourite hobbies ‘cos it’s just too in-the-way of that ‘every-second-breath-together’, everybody else’s company pales in comparison to his and as the relationship grows even more energy + attention + time + money is spent to continue nurturing this fragile plant ‘cos that’s just how love is. You constantly gotta pat its head, reward it a cookie for good behaviour, take it on evening walks even though your PMS is killing you. It’s just how it goes but the best part is.. you don’t feel a tinge of nausea. You enjoy doing it and it’s just really really fun that way.

We were chatting one day, parentals and I, and going through some potential ideas of the wedding (should there be one) and I suddenly felt quite tachypneic. It was just too bizarre. Just 3 months prior (with reference to the timeline then) I was lamenting on that very same couch to Dddy that I’m SO DARN SINGLE I’m going to die an old maid. Fast forward 3 months later and we’re discussing guest seatings!! FIRST TIME IN OUR LIVES IN THE HISTORY OF THE KHO HOUSEHOLD--*Sejarah Book Moment*! It’s just too much for me to handle and I felt like my head was spinning like a top on Absinthe. I yelled to Dddy (in a nice way of course)

moi: Dddy!! Don’t you find all these so weird??
Dddy: What’s weird?
moi: This!!
Dddy: What??
moi: Me and the idea of a wedding!! Getting married!! The whole hulabalooo!!
Dddy: Why is it weird? I don’t find it weird that my daughter is going to get married. It happens.
moi: But 3 months ago I was just saying I’m so damn single it’s not even funny and now you wanna talk wedding… it’s crazy!!
Dddy: I never thought my daughter getting a boyfriend is weird. It will happen to a VERY lucky guy worthy enough to win her. And when that happens it will progress into a marriage because that’s how love goes. It turns into a marriage and then into a family. It’s not that fast too come to think of it… how old are you now?
moi: 28 (yup the old man does not know my age, I do believe I stopped aging in his eyes the moment I turned 17).
Dddy: And next year you’d be 29… isn’t that the normal age to get married? Your mother and I got married at 28 and had 2 ‘accidents’!! *smirks and proceeds to get pinched by Mmmy*
moi: Oh. Well, yeah I guess 29 is an OK age. It’s not too early and not too late.
Dddy: It’s just the natural phase of life. It’s OK. Take it easy.
moi: Yeah I guess…

I can't believe my father is the one convincing m it's OK and not the other way around.

So yes I am sorry I have turned into a KFC side dish. I can’t help it. But I’m certainly not sorry I’m attached. I guess we all do grow out of our Single Carrie phases one day. I do hope you will all stick around. I love that you read my blog and pay attention to the nitty-gritty details of my life. And I certainly would want y’all to watch me take my first flutter into the life of Mrs Big when the day comes. I promise I'll make it fun like how it used to be and will continue to be...


Monday, August 10, 2009

TOKYO deux: sanrio puroland

The absolute reason why I went to visit Tokyo, believe it or not, is to go to Sanrio Puroland. I stumbled upon a random Flickr / Picasa site and was mesmerized by this place called Puroland. It looked like a Hello Kitty version of Disneyland! As you may or may not know, I'm REAL BIG on Hello Kitty. It's all part of a acutely exacerbated deprived childhood complex (which translates: I didn't get any when I was young but now that I can get some, I'm getting IT ALL *thundering laughter*) I believe. So anyways... I reserved day 2 for Hello Kitty lovin' and the wonder journey began with a...

... hearty breakfast that looks a little like this. Yeah jap fruits and veg are the bomb man. They're petite but still vege-cutes!! It's not just the people but even their produce are kawaii!! Why oh why isn't Malaysia this crazy cute??

Puroland is in Tama Centre: this place in the peripheral of Tokyo city, meaning offskirts. You got to take a couple of metros to get there. Of course I got lost on the train. You tell me-lah, how to travel when all the signs are in freakin katakana and hardly anyone speaks a freakin' word of English?? We went back and forth and back and forth an hour before arriving at the right stop and that is also 'cos after the hundred thousandth time of asking strangers, a really nice and hot basketball playing teenager literally guided us to the correct waiting place before returning to his side of the stop which is the other side! Oh Jap boys *swoon*

All misery forgotten once I got on this path. You literally see a chunkload of little people being ushered in by parents. It doesn't look like super Wonderland from the outside but it's much different inside. I was palpatating already!! It's like drug addict meets heroin heaven! OK-lah scrap that, it's like bag crazy meets Fendi sample sale!!

I'm not a great fan of Cinnamoroll but this is so cute!! I love this. I wanna bungkus it down my knickers and bring it home to my garden.

And now to the village! You can get a passport that allows you to go on all the rides (though I believe there's only 2 rides). I just got a regular JOY ticket that allows me to go on the boat ride 'cos we're being a lil' frugal here.

A giant snow-ice vending machine.

Yes I bought this and I'm not afraid to admit it. I wish I was 8 years old but I cannot turn back the hands of time. I can, though, tug at the end of the velcro snaps and force it around my neck of which I did and that made me feel like I was 8 again! I was the only 20-year old in the witch costume. Everyone else was below 10 years of age. So what?? F*ck 'em I'm a Hello Kitty witch-b*tch y'all!!

The Sanrio Character Boat Ride is a must go. Keke, see that cutie Puroland boat-girl peace-ing in on the fun.

(clockwise from top L: My Melody, Hello Kitty wedding, Little Twin Stars, Monkichi, Purin, more Hello Kitty) I was abit of a moron with the camera so excuse the quality of pictures. One thing I've got to warn you people is if you're like me who knows NUTS about Japanese... upon exit, around the area of goodbyes, remember to turn and face the side where all th locals are facing 'cos they would be taking a boat-ride picture then that you could later purchase at the shop. Mmmy and I were the only 2 dingdongs that nicely showed the back of our heads!!

There are many shopping spots located around the amusement park. This is Kitty's House shop. Regret not buying the Kitty ears.

We got hungry and I had a Hello Kitty pau at the Gourmet Bazaar. I was looking for Hello Kitty sushi but they didn't have any.

Hello Kitty was celebrating their 30th anniversary. Remarkable!

Drop by Kitty's House and even if you don't go in to get your picture taken, you can always take a stationary test-drive of her car! Wish it could go faster than 0 km/hr!

This is her house. I wish it was mine.

I so want a Hello Kitty credit card! Gimme gimme!!

I love this place!

My prized picture. Hello Kitty I love you. And you're definitely slimmer than I imagined. Am I the only FAT girl out here?? Even Hello Kitty's got a waist!

A festive Hello Kitty anniversary wreath.

Family picture!

I was contemplating for the longest time whether to get this padded yukata at Vivitix. I didn't in the end... ayo menyesal-lah now when I think of it. It's so cute and comfy. I coulda snuggle into it while watching E! with air-condition on full blast!

Last purchase before we left. I got myself a Kitty Daruma doll and some new year charms. We're supposed to colour 1 side of the bow while making a wish and then colour the other side when the wish comes true. Which reminds me, my wish did come true now so I gotta go colour up the rest of the bow.

Goodbye Puroland. I will be back. Either that or Harmonyland!! Woohoo...

On the metro ride home. Tired but so so happy.

Subway: Tama Station

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