Saturday, July 25, 2009

rando rando...

Just thought I'd put up some random pictures online... I had wanted to go to Giant (yes, we have a hypermarket, opened in April this year.. we are truly metropolitan now over at TI) to get some plastic bags and maybe orange juice but laziness got the better of me and I stayed home wasting the entire afternoon, evening and night away watching girls' Hello Kitty for M.A.C hauls on YouTube.

Sophiekins got this from her loved one on Valentine's Day. Sweet. Come to think of it, Guy has never bought me flowers(!!). Ayo he can be so Ah Pek / Chinaman when it comes to surprises but I'm sure flowers are pretty universal gifts, non? Getting eustomas or hydrangeas would be nice. Oooh mattiolas and peonies too!! Or allium!! OK-lah they're probably too expensive but I'd appreciate even just ONE stalk of any of the aforementioned and he could plump it up with cheapy-cheaps baby's breath or some other form of fillers. OK fine I'll be easy, get me lilies.

Pssst... my favourite florists are Wishing Tree and Rainflorists

Loves Juicy Couture changing room's French boudoir chair. I wish I could stuff it down my bra and bring it home to my room. I mean it's for: Nice Girls Who Likes Stuff! Whoah like holla!!

Ahem it should be 'A Week In The Life of A Shelbulous Drama Queen'. Definitely sounds better!

A close family friendh's son got married and I was included in the angpow line-up even though I wasn't family. I was pretty gobsmacked as I was probably one of the only non-family to get a red packet. Yeayy I'm everybody's family... Congratulations Kenneth and Yuen Ting!

It was the last day of the Guardian-Paddington-Bear-in-exchange-for-stickers day and I was 4 stickers short. It was quite frustrating but I was not prepared, or even willing, to splurge on additional RM200 just to fit the plush toy quota. In return for my financial prudence, people-of-power-up-there *looks up and mouths a thank you* blessed me with this customer in front of me who turned around and handed me stickers 'cos he wasn't gonna use it and he saw my half-filled album! Yippee!!

Out with ex-colleagues.

Since I've got multiple clusters of friends and nobody can make it on a mutual day to celebrate the aging of me it's only natural I get multiple b'day gigs too. I was having drinks with Miss ChongChong when suddenly a parade of Chilli con carnes makes me stand on a chair holding the ketchup bottle and sings me a b'day song. It was pretty mortifying. But all was good once I found that I had someone else to share the burden of shame... tis poor fella got 'surprised' by his gf and since we were both b'day peeps, his chick even gave us a cupcake to share. She's a definite keeper.

At boyfriend's place. Playing with his stuff.

In boyfriend's car. Playing with his accessories.

An additional to the family. Sister's bf saw it and thought it was sooo her. Love the machine guns. Some boyfriends are so romantic-lor.

The girls and I in Langkawi. Seems awhile back hor?

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